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Discussion Lists

 ADA-LAW (Americans with Disabilities Act Law)
 ALMS-NN (AL-MS Neural Network Discussion List)
 AMSSMNET (American Society for Sports Medicine)
 ATHTRN-L (Discussion List for Athletic Trainers)
 BIOMCH-L (Biomechanics and Movement Science Listserver)
 BRAINTMR (Brain Tumor Research/Support)
 COGDEVEL (Cognitive Development Discussion)
 D-SPORT (Sports for Persons with Disabilities)
 DOWN-SYN (Down Syndrome)
 DS-H-PI (Physical Independence Handicap Issues in ICIDH)
 FES-L (Functional Electrical Stimulation)
 GERINET (Geriatric Health Care Discussion Group)
 HEALTH-L (International Discussion on Health Research)
 HEALTHRE (Health Care Reform Discussion List)
 MHCARE-L (Managed Health Care)
 MOTORDEV (Human Motor Skill Development List)
 MSLIST-L (Multiple Sclerosis Discussion/Support)
 NEURL (Neuroscience Strategic Planning)
 NEURO (General Neuroscience)
 NEURO1-L (Neuroscience Information Forum)
 NEUROMC (Neuromotor Research)
 NEUROMUS (Neuromuscular Research and Information List)
 NEUROPSYC (Neuropsychology Discussion)
 NIHGDE-L (NIH Guide to Grants and Contracts)
 NIHTOC-L (Table of Contents for NIH Guide)
 OANDP-L (Orthotics and Prosthetics List)
 ORTHO-L ORTHO-L (Orthopaedics)
 PARKINSN (Parkinson's Disease Information Exchange)
 PHYSIO (General Discussion for Physical Therapists)
 REHAB-RU (Physical Medicine & Rehab in Rural Settings)
 RESNA (Rehabilitation Technology - Members Only)
 SCIPIN-L (Spinal Cord Injury Peer Net)
 SCR-L (Study of Cognitive Rehabilitation)
 SPORTPSY (Exercise and Sport Psychology)
 SPORTSCI (Sports Performance Enhancement)
 STROKE-L (CVA Discussion List)

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