The Magic Putter. The revolutionary putter that was invented on scientific principles and proven by extensive biomechanical tests.

This smartly made golf putter's weight (center of gravity) is carefully calibrated so that when you use it, it's like an extension of your arms. And the whole system (including your arms from sholders down and the putter) moves like a single pendulum.

Read about the scientific biomechanical study that validates this phenomenon and prove to yourself the efficacy of this new hi-tech tool. Take one with you to the golf course and prove it to yourself.
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   Scientifically Proven
   Based on Sound Principles of Physics and Biomechanics
   Improve your game
   Impress your friends and associates
Whether you're a pro on your way to yet another tour win, or just on the way to an 8AM member/guest shotgun start, no other putter feels better in your hands and is more admired. No matter where you practice with this putter, whether on the green, in your office, or in your home, you will feel the difference.

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