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Why Should I Purchase the APAS System

bulletFor detail information why should you purchase the APAS system click here.

bulletHello Steve Bailey,

Thank you for your interest in the Ariel technology.  Unfortunately, there
is no margin in our prices to spend $3,000.00 for an on-site demonstration.
 Our prices are low because we sell directly from our main company. We do
not have to pay the salaries of the "middle-man" and area sales
representatives.  I would like to make the following recommendations to
help eliminate any uncertanties.

First, you should compare all available systems for features and price.  I
fully understand having reservations on purchasing a system because I was
once in the same situation.  I worked in the Anthropometry and Biomechanics
Lab at the Johnson Space Center and was tasked with purchasing a movement
analysis system.  I checked all the commercially available systems by
personally visiting each company.  There was no comparison between the APAS
and other systems!  I purchased a single APAS and was so pleased with the
results that 4 more systems were purchased at a later date.  Please do not
take my word for this.  I encourage you to fully examine all available
systems and compare them feature-by-feature. 

I also want to refer you to a 3rd party independent study performed by Dr.
James G. Richards at the University of Deleware.  Dr. Richards was the
keynote speaker at the Fifth International Symposioum On The 3-D Analysis
Of Human Motion, July 2-6, 1998 in Chattanooga, TN.  His presentation was a
comparison of the commercially available systems for movement analysis.  I
have provided a direct link to his presentation below:


Make certain that you review the full report by scrolling down to the
bottom and selecting the NEXT button for additional pages.

As a second option, you can download the software directly from the Ariel
internet site (www.arielweb.com) and evaluate it for 30 days prior to
purchasing.  No other system in the world will let you do this!  You can
find on-line manuals and tutorials for detailed explainations on the APAS
system operation.

Manuals:  www.arielweb.com/Main/adw-91.html
Tutorials:  www.arielweb.com/topics/Tutorials/default.htm

Contact existing Ariel customers as a third option.  I know that you have
already visited Dr. Brian Bergemann at Campbell University.  He purchased
the APAS and CES systems at the United States Sport Academy (as well as the
APAS at Campbell University) and used them extensivley for sport analysis.

Other contacts that have multiple APAS systems:

Erik B. Simonsen, Ph.D.
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Email:  E.Simonsen@mai.ku.dk

Alfred Finch, Ph.D.
Indiana State University
Email:  pmfinch@scifac.indstate.edu

Mike Greenisen, Ph.D.
NASA, Johnson Space Center
Email:  michael.c.greenisen1@jsc.nasa.gov

Sun G. Chung, M.D., Ph.D.
Seoul National University
Email:  suncg@medicine.snu.ac.kr

Pierre Gervais, Ph.D.
University of Alberta, Canada
Email:  pgervais@per.ualberta.ca

Lastly, we would be happy to provide an APAS demonstration at the Ariel
office in San Diego, California.  If you are interested in this option,
please contact us so we can make arrangements for a convenient time.

I hope this provides additional information and several options to help
eliminate any doubts about purchasing the Ariel system.  Please feel free
to contact me for any additional questions.  I would be happy to help.

I look forward to your reply!


John Probe
Ariel Dynamics, Inc.
4891 Ronson Court
Suite F
San Diego, CA 92111-1815
Tel:  (858) 874-2547
Fax:  (858) 874-2549
Email:  ARIEL1@ix.netcom.com

At 04:46 PM 6/10/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Dr. Mr. Probe,
>I am the research coordinator in the Department of Physical Therapy
>Education of Elon College in Elon College, NC. We have been
>communicating with various Ariel employees and have visited the lab at
>Campbell University. At this time it is very likely we will purchase an
>Ariel system for motion analysis. This would include the following:
>1. Software and license for 2 computers        $5500
>2. High precision calibration cube             $1500
>3. Reflective markers (30/order) X 2           $600
>4. 3 Industrial light cameras                  $900
>5. Time code read/write                    $1500
>6. Intreface to forceplate and EMG            $1500
>We also expect to purchase from a local company 1 Super VHS recorder
>($3100), 2 SVHS cameras ($1800 each), and gem locks. In the future we
>hope to purchase up to 4 High speed cameras (120-240 Hz); however, we
>are presently financially limted to the SVHS cameras.
>While we are 90% sure that purchasing an Ariel system is right for us,
>our biomechanist (Sue Chinworth) still has some reservations.
>Consequently, I am writing you to see if you consider the following.
>Will you allow somebody from your company to come to our institution,
>set up and demonstrate the system to us prior to purchase ? If you are
>willing to do so, I believe that I can guarrentee that the individual
>visiting us will walk away with a completed P.O. if we are satisfied. If
>this process is not acceptable to you could you suggest a way that Sue
>C. can get some in depth experience with the system from someone who
>knows it inside and out prior to purchase. Also, if you think we can
>purchase those extra items through you more economically please let me
>Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. I look forward
>to hearing from you.
>Stephen Bailey, PT, Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Ariel,

Hope this message will find you in good health and high spirits wherever
in the world you happen to be.
Just yesterday I was in contact with Stan who helped me bring back to
life one of our old APAS computers that I use for video capturing. He
copied some backup files and I am up and running again.
I have to prize you and your staff for all the help and support you gave
us over the years. As I said to Stan, you have a lot of patience with
your users, and I certainly appreciate it.

Well, there is another reason for this message. Remember offering up to
500 APAS workstation licenses? Just kidding.
We have a network of 25 computers, used by students, that we would like
to equip with data analysis software. Over the past
3 years more than 250 students had a chance to work on APAS and my
experience, as instructor, is very positive. With network version we
would be able to expose another 100/year to the APAS.

Could you please let us know what would it take to get the network
version of APAS (our network is Novel 3.12, and workstations have Win
95) for 25 users. We would like to install and test it before September
99, if possible.

I am looking forward to see you again (ASB in Pittsburgh, maybe). It is
always a great pleasure meeting you.

Sincerely yours,

Aleksandra Zecevic

HI Tony,

Sorry about the delay.  In answer to your questions, this is the equipment I would suggest for a complete Orthopedic, Physical Therapy Clinic:

1. CES Arm/ Leg/  Back Unit
2. CES Multifunction Unit
3. APAS with Analog function
4. EMG/ on CES and APAS

All the above will be less than one Cybex.

The next step would be to add a force plate.  Gideon will handle pricing with you.

Now you have a complete laboratory capable of  (and I cannot think of all possibilities here):
1. Exercise rehabilitation (closed and open loop).
2. Rehab cardiac training.
3. Rehabilitation test and measurement (bilateral limb comparison).
4. Weight loss work training.
5. Precision athletic training for strength, explosive speed and endurance.
6. Biofeedback for sports and rehabilitation training.
7. Personal fitness and rehab training without the trainer being present (program and walk away, exerciser can take self through program.
8. With addition of APAS, precision measurement of performance for cervical spine, lumbar spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and total body gait.
9. Ground reaction forces for gait, sports actions, lift posture.
10. Sports performance evaluations for any sport, including equine.
11. Balance testing and training platform.
12. Dynamic EMG monitoring for Exercise and Performance events.
13. Back to work DELTA lift analysis capability.
14. Job site analysis, etc.

If your funds are limited, CES or APAS first depends on the needs of the clinic.  If primarily training and physical therapy, definitely CES.  If test and measurement orientated, definitely APAS.  However, you cannot beat the combination of tools.

As to report capability, each system has the ability to print any data that appears on the screen.  You can select and combine any combination of data, kinematic, kinetic, CES, etc. for presentation.

Further, you can do like I do, export the raw data and do a custom report on Excel or Matlab.  The advantage of this is that you can have a multi page report, customized, created and recreated in minimal time.  I can help you design these reports.

I am sure Gideon will address costs with you.  I can help you show the cost effectiveness of the equipment and how to get multi level return on your investment.

As I mentioned earlier, if you give me more feedback on the client, I can send you complete reports illustrating how we use the systems for various situations.

Hope this is a helpful start.  I am awaiting your next round of questions.  I am sure you will have many more.  Personally, I would love you to implement a system in SA so we can come back and visit.  I miss the Rock Lobster, Prawns and wine!


ps- Check my slide show on Gideon's website for workers compensation stuff.



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