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3DKin Quick Reference

The basic approach to calculate the 3D kinetics and kinematics of the human lower extremity can be done in the follwing few steps:

  1. Double click the 3D Kinematics filename text box. Locate the file with the 3D data.
  2. Double click the Forceplate filename text box and locate the file with the force plate data.
  3. View the Calibration cube setup and adjust the settings according to your calibration cube setup.
  4. View the forceplate setup and make sure that the following parameters are OK:
    1. Heel detection of the forceplate. View the graphics window.
    2. Marker on first and second forceplate
    3. Position of the marker on forceplate
    4. Leg strike on the firste forceplate (right or left).
    5. Trial selection of the analog file holding the forceplate data.
    6. The orientation of the forceplate with respect to the calibration cube.
  5. If you are satisfied with the antropometric data you can proced to step number 7.
  6. View the joint center parameters. Locate the file with the digitized joint centeres. Select the Use digitized if the whole sequence is to use digitized joint centers. This requires that the joint centers of full sequence has been digitized. If only a few frames has been digitized click the calculate and the parameters for the sequence will be calculated.
  7. If the name of the output file is not correct just type the name in the output filename text box.
  8. Click one of the three buttons (Both, Right or Left) in the toolbar to initiate the calculation of the kinetics and kinematics.

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