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System Requirements

The following table provides the basic guidelines for required hardware to provide the best possible performance. Required software includes Microsoft Windows 95 or 98.

Following Video capture vendors have hardware that conforms with the requirements of the RealCap software module.
Iomega (
Miro (
TrueVision (

There is many companies on the market for this purpose but at various prices. The most inexpensive solution is the Ioemga Jaz Buz.

Important: Please make sure that you have the latest version of the hardware drivers installed. Check out the hardware vendors web site for driver updates.

Important for choosing the hardware is that it supports capturing in true fields (60/50 fields/sec) and not only frames (30/25 frames/sec). If you have trouble on the purchase of this hardware please contact ADI.

When streaming Video data directly to the harddrive it is important that the PC data bus and the harddrive is capable of moving the data from the video capture hardware onto the harddisk itself.

Streaming video directly to the harddrive the computer will have to store more than (720*480*24 bit/color*30 frames/sec) 27Mb/sec if the video image is not compressed. With out compression it is only few systems that can handle this amount of data and therefor video compression is used. The RealCap module uses hardware that has Motion JPEG image hardware compression which also complies with the above hardware vendors.

The recommended computer setup:
Intel Pentium (or similar processor from AMD or Cyrix)
166Mhz or faster
Ultra DMA harddrive (2-3Gb min) or Wide SCSI or faster SCSI harddrive
16Mb of memory or more
Video graphics card with DirectX capability.
Monitor in a resolution where it is capable of a refresh rate of more than 50Hz in PAL mode and more than 60Hz in NTSC.

There has been some trouble when installing the Iomega Jaz Buz in older computers which PCI bus is not of new standard. To make the Jaz Buz work the PCI bus must at least have version 2.0 or later. Please check with the hardware vendor or us at ADI for further information on the purchase and installation of video capture hardware.

wpe2.jpg (3403 bytes) Iomega Hardware compatibility!

When previewing online video from the VCR or camera it is optimal that the video graphics card can display in overlay mode. Overlay mode is a very fast direct video memory access for video capture hardware using DirectX technology. This feature is not absolutely necessary but enables you to use the PC monitor directly as a viewfinder.

VCR equipment

The current supported VCR equipment is Panasonic AG-5700, Panasonic AG-7350 and the modified Panasonic AG-2550C with BCD-control.



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