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APASviewControl panel

The APASviewControl is built in the same manner as a taperecorder or a MIDI player and used to control the playing and synchronisation of a loaded data sequence.

Synchronisation of data

It is very important that the loaded sequence of data is synchronised. The first data point of each sweep must have been collected at the exact same time. Secondly, the time gap between data points must be identical. If the data is not synchronised the evaluation of data will be wrong. The size of the each sweep may vary. APASview can take into account with the APASviewControl parameter Stop.

Example 1:



In this situation the data are collected with different time gaps (sampling frequency). APASview cannot compensate for this problem.

Example 2:



In this situation the first data point in the two data records is synchronised but the data in the first situation is sampled with half the sample frequency than the second situation. APASview can compensate for this problem, but only in the DataWindow. Use the skip factor to reduce the amount of samples in the DataWindow.

Example 3:



In this situation every sample is aligned together. In this situation it is no problem for the APASview to load and display the data.

Besides the normal buttons for controlling a sequence (Play, Stop, Pause, Step forward and Step backward) the APASviewControl is configured with 4 parameters to control zooming, jumping and synchronisation.

Frame # Shows which frame number is being displayed. It is possible to edit this value if you want to jump to a particular frame.

Jump This parameter is used to skip frames in the sequence. If this value is 1 every frame/numerical value is displayed. If the value is 2 only every second frame/numerical value is displayed. This parameter is quite use full if the sequence contains a lot of data sampled at high rate.

Start This parameter together with the Stop parameter is used to Zoom the sequence. After editing the parameter (remember to push carriage-return) all windows are adjusted. Start indicates the first element in the displayed sequence.

Stop Used together with the Start parameter. Stop indicates the last element to be displayed in the sequence.

Setting Start and Stop parameters using the DataWindow:

Click in the DataWindow, move the mouse left or right, this will highlight (yellow) an area of the data signal. Releasing the mouse button the selected area will become the area of interest, and the start and stop parameter will automatically be adjusted.

NOTE : It is important when editing the value of any parameter to end with a carriage-return (Enter button).


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