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3D Sonic Digitizers
A Comprehensive Resource for Sculptors : Sculptor.Org

Keywords : Spark emitters, biomechanics, 3D digitizers, GTCO, Freepoint, Vertisketch, ultrasound,

See Also : Imaging, Digitizers, Computers and Sculpture, Machine Replication Services,

Suggestion Welcome: Richard Collins

Replies to request for ultra sound info Biomechanics and Movement Science listserver, various notes on sonic digitizers.

Ariel Dynamics Worldwide -- Founder and Chairman Developer of a sonic digitizer, Dr. Gideon Ariel, Founder and Chief Executive of the Board of Ariel Dynamics, Inc., is a world-renowned authority in biomechanics (the science linking physics to movement of the human body) with special expertise in computer science

Copyright 1997, 1998 Richard Collins, Sculptor.Org

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