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2D AnalysisBasic APAS instructions for 2D analysis
3D KinAPAS 3D Kinetics Module - Manual
About usAbout Ariel Dynamics
AcademicAcademic - Presentations, Publications, and Research
AccuracyAccuracy of APAS
ACESIntroducing the Ariel Exercise System
ACESSite Map Category: ACES
ACES ArchivesACES Archives - Support and manuals for previous versions
ACES DocsACES Manuals and documentation
ACES FAQACES - Frequently asked questions
ACES ManualACES for Windows manual
ADA & APASAmericans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and APAS
Advanced4.6 Advanced
AdvantagesAdvantages - Ariel Performance Analysis System Light
AdvantagesAdvantages of ACES
AdvantagesAdvantages of the Ariel Exercise System
AdvantagesMore advantages of ACES
AdvantagesAdvantages - Ariel Gait Analysis System
AdvantagesAdvantages - Ariel 3D Rendering System
AdvantagesAdvantages - Ariel Performance Analysis System
After DownloadingWhat should I do after downloading APAS to my system?
AgreementAriel Dynamics Inc. end-user license agreement
AhtleticsGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Publications related to athletics
Anabolic SteroidsGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Publications related to anabolic steroids
AnalogAPAS Analog Manual
Analog SystemAnalog system
Analysis of resultsAnalysis of results
Anonymous FTPHow can I use anonymous FTP at Ariel Dynamics?
AnthropometricsAnthropometrics in APAS/Gait
APASSite Map Category: APAS
APASAriel Performance Analysis System
APAS and NTAPAS and NT installation
APAS FAQFrequently Asked Questions about the Ariel Performance Analysis System
APAS InfoGeneral information about APAS
APAS InstallationGeneral APAS Installations
APAS ManualAPAS Online Manuals
APAS OnlineDemonstration of live interface with ACES
APAS SystemDownload APAS
APAS SystemAriel Performance Analysis System
APAS TutorialsHands-on help with running APAS projects
APAS/GaitAriel Gait Analysis System
APAS/GaitQuestions about the APAS/Gait module
APAS/GaitDownload APAS/Gait
APAS/LiteAPAS/Lite Tutorial
APAS/RendererDownload APAS/Renderer
APAS/RendererAriel 3D Rendering System
APAS/XPAriel Performance Analysis System - XP
ArchivesAriel Exercise Machine Archives
ArchivesAPAS Archives - manuals and support for previous versions
Ariel DynamicsAriel Dynamics Inc. - Web of Biomechanics
ArticlesArticles and publications in scientific journals
AssistTools to assist measurement and training of human fitness and exercise levels
AssociationsGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Honorary and professional associations
Back NegativeFunctional capacity - back pathology - negative results
Back PositiveFunctional capacity - back pathology - positive results
Basic SystemThe basic Ariel Performance Analysis System
Basics1.1 Gait Analysis Basics
BasicsAPAS Real Cap - basic concepts
BioMch-LAccuracy of the Ariel Performance Analysis System
CalculationsAPAS 3D kinetics - calculations
CalculationsGait Analysis Calculations
Camera ResolutionCamera resolutions
CaptureAPAS Capture Manual
Capture CardsCature cards and software
Capturing VideoAPAS Real Cap - capturing video
Carpal PostFunctional capacity - carpal tunnel syndrome - post release
CES SystemCES System
Choices1.4 Choices
ChoicesThank you for your interest in Ariel Dynamics products
ComparisonA Comparison of Commercially Available Systems
ConferencesConference list 2001
ConsiderationsAPAS 3D kinetics - practical considerations
ConsiderationsAPAS View - considerations
ConsultingGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Consulting Assignments
Contact usHow to contact us
ContractContract with NASA
Control WindowAPAS View - control window
CorrectionWho really did the first biomechanical experiments in Space?
CustomersPartial customer list
CyberspaceBiomechanics in cyberspace
Data Collection4.2 Data collection
Data CollectionData Collection
Data CollectionAPAS Data Collection Manuals
Data filesData files
Data PresentationData Presentation
Data ProcessingData Processing
Data WindowAPAS View - data window
DatabaseAriel File Collection
DemosDemonstration applets
DemosSite Map Category: Demos
DescriptionDescription - Ariel 3D Rendering System
DescriptionDescription - Ariel Performance Analysis System Light
DescriptionDescription - Ariel Performance Analysis System
DescriptionDescription of the Ariel Exercise System
DescriptionDescription - Ariel Gait Analysis System
Device 1Description of testing device
Device 2Richard's device in action
DigitizeAPAS Digitize Module
Digitize ModuleQuestions about the APAS Digitize module
DiscusBiomechanical Analysis of Discus Throwing at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games
DisplayAPAS Display Manual
Display ModuleQuestions about the APAS Display module
DistortionEvaluation of Lens Distortion Errors
Download APASDownload APAS software
Download ManualsDownload APAS manuals directly to your system
DownloadsDownload software products, patches and drivers
Dr. RichardsDr. Jim Richards's presentation at the 3D conference for Human Movement, Chattanooga, Tennessee, July, 3rd 1998
EducationGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Education
EMGAPAS EMG for Windows Manual
Environment3.3 Environmental preparation
EquestrianAre you a fan of Olympic equestrian events? Learn about the biomechanics of equine speed and grace.
Exercise MachinesGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Publications related to exercise equipment
Exercise ProgramACES - Setting up an exercise program
Exercise ResultsACES - Exercise results
Exercise ResultsExercise Results
ExercisesExercising on the Ariel Exercise System
Exporting DataExporting data from APAS to other applications
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FAQSite Map Category: FAQ
FAQ OldFrequently Asked Questions (old)
FAQ OldFrequently Asked Questions (old)
FeaturesFeatures - Ariel 3D Rendering System
FeaturesFeatures - Ariel Gait Analysis System
FeaturesFeatures of the Ariel Exercise System
FeaturesFeatures - Ariel Performance Analysis System Light
FeaturesGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Features and Appearances
FeaturesFeatures - Ariel Performance Analysis System
FeedbackFeedback Control of Exercise
File extensionsAPAS 3D kinetics - file extensions
File FormatsFile Formats
File FormatsFile formats for APAS
FilterAPAS Filter Manual
First ProjectFirst Biomechanic Study in Space Utilizing High Speed Cameras and Electronic Digitizing - 1979
Force PlateHow to create a force plate file
FounderGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Founder and chairman of Ariel Dynamics Inc.
FounderGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Founder
Frame GrabbingFrame Grabbing
FunctionalFunctional Capacity Evaluation
FutureFuture Development
GaitSite Map Category: Gait
Gait Analysis4. Gait Analysis
Gait AnalysisGait Analysis
Gait Lab3. Gait Lab
Gait ManualAPAS/Gait Online Manual
Gait TutorialGait Analysis Tutorial
GamesAPAS in the game arena
GeneralSite Map Category: General
Gimbal LockDemonstration of Euler Angles and Gimbal Lock Phenomenon
HandballThe Relationships between Throwing Velocity and Motor Ability Parameters of High-Performance Handball Players
Hardware3.2 Required hardware
HelpHelp with searching the ADI Web
HelpKnowledge Base
HierarchyHierarchical view of our site
High SpeedHigh speed cameras
History1.2 History
HistoryHistory in progress - please come back soon!!
HistoryCompany History
HotelsHotels near the ADI office in San Diego, CA
HotkeysAPAS View - hotkeys
HotkeysAPAS Real Cap - hotkeys
HotkeysAPAS 3D kinetics - hotkeys
How to Start?APAS Real Cap - how to start
How to Start?APAS View - how to start
How to start?APAS 3D kinetics - how to start?
HurdlingKinematic analysis of hurdling performances at 2000 United States Olympic trials
Information2.1 Information from Gait Analysis
InstallationACES - Installation and calibration
InteractionThe interaction of the Space Shuttle launch and entry suit and sustained weightlessness on egress locomotion
Interpretation4.5 Data interpretation
IntroduceWe are proud to introduce our line of exercise machines
IntroductionACES - Introduction
Introduction3.1 Introduction
Introduction1. Introduction
Inverse Dynamics2.3 Principles of Gait Dynamics
Iomega BuzBuz installation
Iomega BuzIomega Buz installation instructions
JavaHow to install the JRE and JAVA3D on your system
Java 3DHow to install Java 3D on your system
JREHow to install the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) on your system
JVC 9800Installing the JVC9800
Kinematics2.2 Principles of Gait Kinematics
Kinematics1.1.1 Kinematics Basics
Kinetics1.1.2 Kinetics Basics
KneeFunctional capacity - knee pathology
Lab SettingsGait Analysis Lab Settings
Lesson 1APAS Tutorials - the RealCap module
Lesson 1APAS/Lite Tutorial - Lesson 1
Lesson 2Capturing video with RealCap
Lesson 2APAS/Lite Tutorial - Lesson 2
Lesson 3Step by step procedures to video capturing with RealCap
Lesson 3APAS/Lite Tutorial - Lesson 3
Lesson 4Trimming the Video Sequences
Lesson 5The Digitizing Module
Lesson 6Hands-on experience with the Digitizing Module
Lesson 7Creating a new digitizing view file
LibraryOnline academic library
Links5.2 External Links
ListList of studies with Ariel products
List of pagesAn alphabetic list of all ADI2001 pages
Manual ModeManual Mode
ManualsSoftware manuals
ManualsSite Map Category: Manuals
Marker SetsMarker sets supported by APAS/Gait
Marker Sets2.4 Marker sets
Marker SetsMarker set systems
Marker Sets DetailsMarker set details
Markers3.4 Markers
MenusAPAS 3D kinetics - menus
MenusAPAS Real Cap - menu structure
MenusAPAS View - menu structure
MethodsAccuracy of APAS - Methods
MethodsResistive Exercising Methods
MJPEGThe MJPEG software codec guide
Modem ConnectionModem connection to Ariel Dynamics
Modem ConnectionModem connection with APAS
Modem with APASModem communication with APAS
More Info5. Additional Information
More InfoMore information for APAS/Renderer installation
More InfoMore information for APAS/Gait installation
Motion FilesSearch 3D Motion Database
Mouse ButtonsAPAS Real Cap - mouse buttons
Mouse ButtonsAPAS View - mouse buttons
Mouse buttonsAPAS 3D kinetics - mouse buttons
MovementMaking sense of movement
MultifunctionMultifunction Exercise Machine
Muscle FiberModel of Muscle Fiber with Controllable Recruiting
NASAWhat is a Resistive Exercise Dynamometer? Read on, and learn how Ariel Dynamics participates in and contributes to America's Space Program.
Net digitizingNet digitizing - a biomechanical step onto the internet
Old WebCheck our old web site if you cannot seem to find something
OlympicsOlympic Games
OlympicsAddress to the International Olympic Commitee
Oops!We couldn't find the page you are looking for!
OperationAPAS 3D kinetics - operation
OpinionsACES - What do experts in the field think about it?
OptimizationOptimization of Human Performance for All Ages
OptimumThe Optimum Performance Concept
PanningPhotogrammetric Transformation with Panning
PatentsGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Patents and inventions
Personal NotePersonal note from founder and chairman Dr. Gideon Ariel
Plate SpecsAriel Force Plate System Specifications
Point NamesDefinition of point names for APAS/Renderer
PreferencesAPAS Real Cap - preferences
PreferencesAPAS View - preferences
Preparation4.1 Preparation
PresentationsGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Selected presentations
PresidentIf it is good enough for the president, it is good enough for you!
Price ListPrices and options
Price ListPrices and options
PricesACES Price List
PrinciplesScientific Principles for Quantifying Motion
Principles2. Principles of Gait
PrinciplesPrinciples of Gait Analysis
Privacy PolicyAriel Dynamics Inc. Web site privacy policy
Processing4.3 Data processing
ProductsSite Map Category: Products
ProductsProduct descriptions
ProfileGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Professional Profile
ProjectAPAS View - project
ProjectsMiscellaneous projects using ADI products
PublicationsGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Publications
Purchasing APASPurchasing a new APAS system
Purchasing OptionsAPAS Purchasing options
QuaternionsDemonstration of quaternion interpolation using only a few key frames
Quick GuideGait Analysis Quick Guide
Quick links
Quick ReferenceAPAS Real Cap - quick reference
Quick ReferenceAPAS 3D kinetics - quick reference
Quick ReferenceAPAS View - quick reference
Rainbow RunnerHow to install the Morgan codec with a Rainbow Runner?
RealCapAPAS Real Cap for Windows Manual
ReferenceAriel Dynamics Online Reference Library
ReferencesContact them directly for their opinion
ReferencesGait Analysis References
ReferencesOptimum References
RendererSite Map Category: Renderer
Renderer ManualAPAS/Renderer online manual
Report GenerationReport Generation
RepositoryDownload software, patches, drivers, and data
RequirementsAPAS View - system requirements
RequirementsAPAS Real Cap - system requirements
RequirementsAPAS 3D kinetics - system requirements
ResearchBiomechanical Research in Space
ResistiveSecond Generation Resistive Exercise Dynamometer RED
ResistiveResistive Training
ResultsAccuracy of APAS - Results
Rotator CuffFunctional capacity - rotator cuff pathology
Russian TearsRussians sweat in space
Sample SessionACES - A sample exercise session
Screen layoutAPAS 3D kinetics - screen layout
Screen LayoutAPAS Real Cap - screen layout
Screen LayoutAPAS View - screen layout
SearchSearch the Ariel Dynamics Web
SearchSearch the Ariel Dynamics Web
SelectionGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Selected publications
ServicesSite Map Category: Services
ServicesServices, Support and Online Library
ShoesGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Publications related to biomechanics of athletic shoe design
Site MapTable of Contents
SoftwareACES - How to run the software
Software GenlockSoftware Genlock
Sports MedicineSymposium on Olympic Sports Medicine
Squat JumpAnalysis of a squat jump with a bar
Starting a Lab3.5 Starting a Gait Lab
Stick WindowAPAS View - stick window
StudyAccuracy of three-dimensional linear and angular estimates obtained with the Ariel Performance Analysis System
SummaryGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Professional summary
SupportService and Support
SymposiumFifth International Symposium on 3D analysis of Human Movement, July 2nd - 5th, 1998
SystemACES system description
System IntroSystem Intro
TechnicalACES - Technical description: limits and resolution of measurement
TechnologyHigh Technology in Athletic Training and Performance Analysis
TechnologyHigh-Technology Tools
TelevisionGideon B. Ariel, Ph.D. - Television appearances
TemplateAriel Dynamics APAS vs. Peak System
Test 50 cmMeasure a known distance between 2 markers
Test 95.8 DegreesMeasuring a known angle between 3 markers
Test StationaryStationary test
TheoryAPAS 3D kinetics - theoretical foundations
ToolsTools to assess movement of the human body
TopicsMiscellaneous articles
TrainingTraining on the Ariel Exercise System
TrainingPrinciples for Exercise and Training
TrajectoriesNonstandard functional limb trajectories
TransformAPAS Transform Manual
Transformation ModuleQuestions about the APAS Transformation module
TreadmillComparison of Vertical Forces Applied During Human Locomotion in a One-G and Zero-G Environment on the Space Shuttle Treadmill
TrimAPAS Trim Manual
Trim VideoAPAS Real Cap - trimming video
Trimming moduleQuestions about the APAS Trimming module
TutorialsTutorials and background information
UnderwaterEvaluation of Lens Distortion Errors Using
Upgrading APASAPAS upgrading instructions
Using a VCRVCR problems and installations
VCR SynchronizationAPAS Real Cap - VCR synchronization
VectorsAPAS Vectors Manual
Video AnalysisVideo analysis with APAS
Video CaptureIntroduction to video capture with APAS
Video DriversInstalling video drivers
Video FormatAPAS Real Cap - video format
Video FormatsVideo formats and cameras
Video SourceAPAS Real Cap - video source
Video WindowAPAS View - video window
ViewAPAS View for Windows Manual
View resultsAPAS 3D kinetics - viewing results
Virtual LabVirtual Lab
Welcome to Ariel Dynamics
What's New?APAS View - what's new?
What's new?APAS 3D kinetics - what's new?
What's new?What's new at Ariel Dynamics?
Why analyze?1.3 Why Gait Analysis?
Why APAS?Why should you purchase APAS?
Why APAS?Why should you select the Ariel Performance Analysis System?
WindowsAPAS for Windows
WirelessWireless APAS on hand-held computers
Y2K CompatibilityY2K compatibility

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