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The Ariel Computerized Exercise System (ACES)
The ONLY exercise system Computer-Programmed to adjust to the Individual User for Optimum Performance and Safety.

Windows 95/NT software

We are proud to introduce our new line of computerized exercise equipment (CES) which includes a redesigned Multi-Function machine as well as new Arm, Leg, and Back/Abdominal machines. Each machine includes all the features you have come to depend upon for training, exercise, rehabilitation, and diagnostic purposes in a smaller, more functional framework, including: picture


Closed Loop Biofeedback. Each machine is programmed for Isokinetic, Isotonic, or Isometric exercises with variable, dynamic loads and speeds. Personalized exercise programs can be designed to the physical needs and requirements of the individual.


Velocity and resistance in each direction for each exercise can be independently programmed and controlled.

Report Generation:

Controls, records, and evaluates movement, strength and endurance on a continuous basis while storing information in easy to-read color graphs, charts, and tables.

Internet User Files:

User protocols for testing and exercises are stored on the hard disk and can be transferred to other individuals through the Internet. Large amounts of data are easily stored, retrieved, or compared to a world-wide data base on the Internet.

EMG Data Acquisition Package:

A comprehensive EMG data acquisition system is available, including functions such as Real Time EMG data collection, Integration, Spike Analysis, Power Spectrum, Fatigue, and many more.

Virtual Reality:

The most advanced technology in computer science today. Allows human and computer interaction in real time for evaluation purposes. Provides insights into human motion abilities and accomplishments never before possible.

All of these functions and MORE are available for the lowest price ever. Applications can satisfy the following areas:
bulletPerformance Enhancement
bulletOptimization of Human Performance for all Ages

Price including a Pentium computer, Space Age Technology frame, Interface to full EMG package, running at real time with the exercise, and interface to full motion analysis System is: $25,000

Compare these prices to even a single machine from Cybex, Kincom, Lido or Medex and discover that other equipment sells for more than $50,000.00 yet has substantially fewer capabilities.

Join us at the forefront of technology and let Ariel Dynamics assist you in the achievement of your winning goals. Call us to reserve your machines this year since our production is limited and the number of orders have exceeded all our expectations.

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