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Advantages - Ariel Performance Analysis System Light


APAS demonstrates significant advantages over other common approaches to movement systems:
bulletFirst, except for specific applications requiring EMG or kinetic (force platform) data, it is non-invasive. No wires, sensors, or markers need be attached to the subject.
bulletSecond, it is portable and rarely requires any modification of the performing environment. Cameras can be transported to the site and positioned so as not to interfere with the subject.
bulletThird, the scale and accuracy of measurement can be set to the levels required for the activity being performed. Video equipment technology currently available is sufficiently adequate for most applications requiring accurate motion analysis and is normally the least expensive option, particularly when two or more cameras are needed.


The ability to record the activity as a picture has a number of advantages:
bulletIt allows the scientist to make intellectual decisions regarding the joint center at each frame rather than using markers attached at the skin's surface.
bulletSubsequent quantification would be possible since the video can be re-examined at any time.
bulletStick figure results can be overlapped with the video pictures for effective result presentations.

Areas of interest

Applications of the APAS usage include many areas of interest.
bulletSport or athletic applications have included volleyball, soccer, American football, tennis, track and field events, horse racing and jumping, and golf.
bulletMedical research is using the APAS to quantify movement in Parkinson patients with and without drugs and before and after surgical procedures.
bulletJob quantification
bullettask improvement,
bulletpost-injury assessment
bulletemployment evaluations
bulletrisk assessment,
bulletworker's compensation
bulletdisability evaluations
bulletergonomic evaluations of job tasks
bulletjob standardization can be useful in the workplace.
bulletIndustrial applications include product design, analysis, and improvement as well as such things as manufacturing hardware performances such as piston movement accuracy.
bulletArtistic endeavors, such as playing the violin, the harp, and the piano, have been examined biomechanically by APAS applications.
bulletMammalian research has examined thoroughbred race horse performance, feline locomotion, and monkey jumping performance.
bulletForensic analysis have included injuries sustained in football, gymnastics, horse racing, and running shoes.
bulletSpace Research have included number of research studies at NASA.
bulletRehabilitative usage include pre- and post-hip replacement functioning, gait analysis, and comparisons of bilateral functions.

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