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The System control of the CES is a powerful microcomputer. The standard configuration of this computer console includes a large capacity hard disk drive and 3 inch floppy disk drive. These drives provide for the storage of personal programs as well as user exercise information. In addition, there is an optional high capacity tape back up drive. The computer connects to the exercise station with a 12 volt maximum electrical cable. The console itself requires standard 110 volt AC power to operate.

3.1 Color Monitor

The high resolution color monitor is the primary source of communication between he CES and the user. During the exercise, the user's performance is continuously displayed both graphically and numerically by a visual display on the color monitor. An audible "beep" is also provided to mark the end of each stroke. The "beep" can also be used for biofeedback since the tone changes with the amount of force applied. The color monitor also displays the user's cumulative performance at the end of each exercise, and optionally compares it to previous performance levels.

3.2 Mouse

The mouse is a hand-held pointing device that allow the user to operate the CES without using the keyboard. The mouse serves as a great convenience to the user during an exercise session when the keyboard is not within reach. The mouse operates the cursor to select commands in the menu mode. The mouse has three buttons, in the upper portion of the mouse, that control the three most commonly used options (ENTER, END, AND F10). The mouse configuration is shown below where L is the left mouse button, M is the middle buttton and R is the right button.
Two Button Mouse				
Three Button Mouse	
L = Enter					
L = Enter	
R = F10						
R = F10	L + R = END					
M = END							
L+R = ESC							
L+M = ? (Help Screen) APAS Only							
M+R = Ctrl-Print Scrn							L+M+R = Insert Template

3.3 Printer

The Ariel CES can be equipped with various types of printers such as dot matrix, ink jet, or laser printers. Any screen displayed on the color monitor can be saved or printed by pressing the "Control" key and the "PrtSc" Key at the same time.

3.4 Diskettes

The CES requires double-sided, double-density, soft-sectored 3 diskette with a 720K or 1.44 M capacity. It is always advisable to buy high quality, name brand diskettes. Before using new diskettes, make sure that they are formatted.


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