Functional Capacity in California:


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By Bill Gilmour

I have first hand experience working with Kinematic Consultants in my former position as Director of the Department of Insurance and Risk Management for the County of Ocean, New Jersey. Our financial results were due in large part to the use of Kinematic Consultants as our primary physical therapy provider. KC�s philosophy, treatment protocols, and use of their test and measurement technology provided the County with a clear competitive advantage in dealing with medical providers, claims administrators and the courts.

The County of Ocean is a diversified public entity with over 3,500 employees. Within a three-year period, we were able to reduce loss costs by more than 50%. The following are highlights of our programs loss cost management impact on the county program:

1994 1995 1996
Total Claims 592 366 316
Lost Work Days 1,837 1,161 575
Paid Indemnity $64,656 $11,473 $6,906
Total Incurred $1,128,038* $768,888 $563,093
*after adjustment