Shalom Khaverim:

  Yesterday, I feel, was kind of an historical day. We had a minor reunion.  Present were, Dani Dassa; Mitzke; Iris; Rafi; Gideon Zidler; Eli Lubliner; Judi; Ann and me.

It was amazing event.  Keep reading since you will laugh your guts out.

  It started with Iris and Rafi coming to visit with me. You can see us in the first photograph


We had wonderful time together and then we called Dani Dassa in Los Angeles. We decided to meet the next day at Danis home.

I called also Mitzke in San Diego, and Mitzke called Eli Lubliner to come.

We all met in emotional meeting at Danis house as you can see here:


My eyes were not dry for one moment. How happy I was to see again my teacher and coach that showed me first time how to hold the discus in my hand. And was so dedicated to me to help me to excel in this event which is the prime reason for my success in life.

  What a great meeting this was. We all went crazy.

Chili and Uri Milstein joint us on Skype and it was so funny to hear us to talk so fast with such emotions.

We were looking for hours on old pictures. Look on this one:


Dani here on his 1948 Harley Davidson.  I remember him teaching me to ride it. I used to clean this Motor Cycle for hours.

Then we decided to go to Dinner in an Italian Restaurant walking distance from Danis house.

And here the fun begins.  We were walking toward the restaurant when Dani pointed to one house and said that Gideon Zidler live in this house. Do you remember Gideon Zidler, he was a great basketball player, the only one that could dunk a basket.   Immediately, I said, lets nock on his door. Well the Juveniles Iris and I went to the Door and knocked on the door. There was no answer. I kissed the Mezuza and we start leaving when we saw a light coming up. In a second the door was slightly opened and this large tall Gideon Zidler look at the crack and said:  who is that?  I answered:  This is Gideon Ariel and Iris. What??? we heard, and the door was opened. He was in shock. What are you guys doing here?  Gideon Zidler asked.  Oh, we came to visit you. Please come to the restaurant with us Iris said. Gideon Zidler node with the head and said he will come in few minutes. You can see it here:


  An hour or so past and Zidler did not come. We thought that he decided not to join us. Suddenly, Zidler appeared with heavy breeding.  I asked him: Gideon, what happened why it took so long?  Zidler answered:  You guys will not believe it. I went from the door back to my room to put my shoes on. And suddenly I thought that the whole thing was a dream. I just got up from afternoon nap..  I thought maybe I suffered a minor stroke. So, I run to the door again and no one was there. I went back to the bedroom and was sure I had a stroke. So, I had to come to the restaurant to see if I am going crazy. Well thanks God I found you guys here 


  Well guys you can imagine how much we laugh. I almost chocked on my food. But this is not all. After half an hour or so, Zidler Wife came running to the restaurant. She asked Zidler why he did not leave some note for her that he left. She was so worry. Adina, Zidlers wife, is a physician. And was very worry that Zidler had a heart attack.

Well Zidler told her that he was sure that he suffered stroke since it was very unusual for Gideon Ariel and Iris Knani to be at his door asking him to go to the restaurant after 50 years that he never heard from them. We were laughing so much.

Was so great to meet again my teacher and mentor that made my life:


  What a great time we had.

You can see it all on my website at:


  All the best my friend and will see you soon