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South Africa 4-2003



Cape Town 4-11-2003

Cape Town 4-12-2003

Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope and Table Mountain 4-13-03

Noetzie Castle 4-14-03

Phantom Beach 4-15-03

Knysna 4-16-03

Knysna 4-17-03

Video of Phantom Beach Castle

Mabalingwe 4-18-03

Mabalingwe 4-19-03 Morning

Mabalingwe 4-19-03 Afternoon

Mabalingwe 4-19-03, Bob and Chris arrive

Mabalingwe 4-20-03 

Mabalingwe 4-20-03 Picnic

From Bob 4-20-03

Mabalingwe 4-21-03

From Bob 4-21-03

Johannesburg 4-22-03

With the Lions and the Tigers 4-23-03

The Party 4-23-03

Savanna 4-24-03

From Bob 4-24-03

Cheetahs and Rhinos 4-24-03

Savanna 4-25-03

From Bob 4-25-03

Savanna 4-26-03

Savanna Evenning 4-26-03

From Tony 4-28-03

Incredible last day 4-25-03, Leopards, Cheetahs, Elephants and more


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