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Welcome to the APAS Sports Analysis Archives. Here you will find some of the top performances by the world's finest athletes. Search the archives for real-time 3D analyses of World Record performances, like Sergei Bubka's 6.08 m Pole Vault jump, or Carl Lewis' incredible long jump trying to beat Bob Beamon's longstanding 8.90 m record, only finding himself beaten by Mike Powells successful World Record attempt. Or Compare Lewis to Powell.

Instructions: use left-mouse to rotate, right-mouse to translate, middle-mouse (or Alt-left) to zoom.

Athletics - Observe XXX as he throws the discus over XXX. For an in-depth analysis check here. Tennis, men's quarterfinals - Andre Agassi barely survived this thriller match against Richard Krajicek. For the details of this match and to analyse some of the highlights go here.

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