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Downloading the APAS99Win


  1.   How to download from Arielweb Site -
      Multi-Media  Presentation

This process is simply downloading the file:  APAS-XP from our web site. You will see the process in the Windows Media Player. It take some time to load since the file is 6 MB long. You can stop the multi-media at any point and observe the steps.

  1. Send E-Mail with:

This code is necessary for hardware configuration in case you experience any hardware conflict, it will help us to figure it out.

This code is necessary to validate your license agreement with Ariel Dynamics Inc. It specifies that you have license to the software and do not own it.

  1. DOS Site Key

    In the case that you want to use the APAS DOS programs, follow the same instructions for DOS.  The DOS Site Code and Site Key are different than the Windows.


This APAS implementation runs on I-omega Zip and Jaz and also on any CD-ROM





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Hello Shawn,
Thank you for your message.  Most likely, you do not require a new Site Key
for the APAS software.  When you open any of the APAS programs, you should
briefly see a menu that states "Unlimited License" before the program opens.
If you see this message, you do not require a new Site Key.  If you do not
see this message, please let us know.

Once you enter the Site Key, it is perfectly normal for the Site Code number
to change.  This does not indicate any problem.

It would also help if you could list the step-by-step procedures that you
are performing and what problems you are experiencing.

I look forward to your reply!


John Probe
Ariel Dynamics, Inc.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Shawn Millar" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2001 7:36 AM
Subject: APAS site key

Hi there,

I work with Ed Lemaire at the Rehab Centre in Ottawa and we are having
trouble activating our APAS software.  Were were sent a site key but our
site Code seems to be different now and does not match. the key that was

Do we need to get a new key generated?

Here's our current info:

System Parameter 90DB000103DDA6AA
Site Code DAFB 1859 7FD6 A35B 21

Thanks...Shawn Millar




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