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APAS Upgrading Instructions


Ariel Dynamics, Inc.,

4885 Ronson Court, Suite A
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 874-2547 Tel / (858) 874-2549 Fax




Dear Ariel Customer:

Thank you for purchasing the Ariel Performance Analysis System (APAS). As an added value to our customers, Ariel Dynamics, Inc. provides FREE software upgrades as long as the purchased hardware supports the upgrade software. For example, a customer that purchased the analog video frame grabbing APAS could not upgrade to the Digital Video frame grabbing APAS without purchasing the new components.

Upgrades are constantly being made to the APAS software. These upgrades are posted to the internet on a regular basis. Upgrades can be performed at any time, however, if the currently posted software revision is less than one full revision from your currently installed version, then it is probably not worth the time to upgrade. If the posted software is greater than one revision from your current version, the upgrade might be worth the time. For example, if your current APAS software is Revision 1.0 and APAS Revision 1.5 is posted on the internet, the upgrade only has minimal changes. If your current APAS software is Revision 1.0 and APAS Revision 2.1 is posted on the internet, then the upgrade will include one or more significant changes.

Recommended steps for upgrading the APAS software are listed below and will not affect your license. NOTE: Failure to follow the proper steps may invalidate the APAS software license and result in additional costs for a new license.



1. As with all upgrades, it is recommended to make a backup of your current software prior to beginning the upgrade process.

2. Download the APAS software from the Ariel internet site (/) and save the compressed file(s) to a temporary directory.



1. Select Start, Settings, Control Panel and the Add/Remove Programs icon.

2. Select APAS System from the list of displayed programs.

3. Select the Add/Remove button.

4. Select the Yes button to "Completely remove the APAS System and all of its components."

5. Select No To All when prompted to remove shared files.

6. Select the OK button to complete the uninstall process.

7. Close the Control Panel window.



1. Extract the downloaded compressed file(s) to a temporary directory. It is a good idea to keep a copy of this file for backup purposes.

2. As with any installation, it is recommended to close all windows programs prior to APAS installation.

3. Run the SETUP.EXE file from the temporary directory to begin the installation process.

4. Select the NEXT button at the Welcome window.

5. Select the YES button to accept the Software License Agreement.

6. Enter the Name, Company and Serial number (Not Required) and select the NEXT button.

7. Choose the Destination Location and select the NEXT button. NOTE: It is recommended to install the APAS software in the default directory. When upgrading, the APAS software MUST be installed in the same directory as when the original license was issued.

8. Select the Program Folder and the NEXT button. (It is recommended to accept the default folder.)

9. Select the OK button to proceed with installation of the APAS software.

10. Select the FINISH button to complete the installation.



Registration is not required since the original software license will remain valid for upgrades.


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