High Speed Camera setting and opration


Hi Robert,
Thanks for the message.  It sounds as if you are performing the correct tasks for the high speed function.  The JVC camera acheives the high speed mode by splitting the full size (60 Hz) image into either half size (120 Hz) or quarter size (240 Hz).  Based on your description, it sounds as if you recorded a sequence at 240 hz and are getting the four quarter size pictures.  This is perfectly normal when displaying the video file on anything but the camera itself or within the APAS software.  The Studio DV program in not aware of this function so it will only show the multiple images per frame.
Once you have the image captured, you will need to open it in the TRIM module of the APAS.  Then select Options, Video to display the video option menu.  You will notice a section titled "Speed" that can be used for specifying the speed of the captured file.  In your case, you would select 240/200 Hz.  You will notice that this separates and orders the individual images in the correct order so that only a single image is displayed per frame.  When you save the trimmed file, this information will be saved with the AVI file so that all other APAS modules will recognize this as a 240 Hz file and open only the single images.
I hope this helps to answer your question.  Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.
John Probe
Ariel Dynamics, Inc.
Email:  ARIEL1@ix.netcom.com
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Hey guys,

I've got a question regarding the video cameras.  Everything I've filmed so far has been at at the regular camera speed which I think is 60Hz.  I want to film at fast speeds.  When I'm in Studio DV, capturing a video made at X4 the speed, It brings up the video with the screen split into 4.  The video is correct but there are 4 of them.  Is there a setting in Studio DV that can change this?  I'm I doing everything correct? 

Any tips are welcome.  Thanks


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