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Do you want to be a Millionaire ?

Follow the simple rules:

Hi Robert
I will answer betwen your lines.

John  wrote:

Thanks for the reply Bob,
Of course I have a thousand questions/thoughts, like what/when's the near
Six months to two years, depending upon many factors.  My best reply is to stay in touch with me but do not depend on me for an immediate job or income.  I would advise you to get yourself situated in some sort of job with the sub-goal of getting back to APAS activities for a future business.
and is there a situation where a business could work without a
Yes, I do it all the time.  We have 10 remote collection sites and we do the data reduction at my main office.  It takes different equipment.  For example, you need a laptop setup with analog collection capability and a portable force plate/ EMG setup.
but I'll try to formulate something more coherent.

To let you know better where I'm coming from, I'm not independently wealthy
and therefore do not have the ability to put $ into something (I do however
have skills and motivation).

I'm not a licensed PT.
Handicap for medical analysis but not for sports.
My default is to do
something on my own, part-time on a shoe-string budget (like selling Amway
or tupperware I guess).
That is how I started.  Unfortunately, in APAS work, you need certain baseline equipment.  It is best to have a formula ready to go that you can make money with (i.e. golf/ tennis analysis, etc.)
I have, however, learned, the hard way, that a
business should not be undertaken in that manner, and would most likely
would not be able to participate in one that was.

I had the opportunity to be part of the formulating of an APAS business that
included 6 months of planning only to have to withdraw because a single
investor appeared late in the game and took control.  I indicated to them
that I couldn't continue with it because it wouldn't work.  They went ahead
anyway, and within a year it went under.  Nothing would make me happier than
to be part of a successful APAS based business, which I believe is dependent
upon how it is setup and run.  You obviously have created something

You know the basics of my technical background and experience.  I would like
to look for a way to partner with a success business/partner if possible.  I
may be able to locate a used APAS, but even then I couldn't afford to buy it
at the moment.

My initial questions:
Can a business like yours operate successfully without a facility?

Refer to Answer above.
Can your business operate without a licensed PT?
Sports yes, medical no (unless under a P.T., M.D., etc.)
Can it operate soley on sales of APAS as a revenue stream, or does it
require PT income?
I can operate on Sales of APAS but it takes a while to build to that point.
Is the market ready for remote APAS study processing (similar to a blood
test or something)?
That is my goal.  The technology is catching up.
Do you/your group have the financial ability to make an investment (time and
I progress on income, not investors.  I am not prepared to make investment in the California Market at this time.  I would be interested in partnering with someone that wants to invest and has contacts for obtaining the business.  In that case, we (Bob Wainwright/ Gideon Ariel [we do many projects together]) bring technology and service to the table.
If so, on what scale?
Would it be better to look at one/several of the SouthWestern states.  In 6
months to 3 years, my wife and I would be willing to relocate anywhere from
Las Vegas to Houston.
Location relevent in terms of population bases from which to draw but but potential business sources and contacts are more important.

Is there a market for services such as on-site installation and training, of
the APAS, and LAN/Internet installation/setup for the clinic/Lab?  If so, is
that part of your business?

I believe Ariel Dynamics does that work internally.
Could a business be run from Las Vegas or Houston covering the entire
SouthWest or West?
I could run a business from Mars if I had a fast internet line and a good organization working for me.
I have a contact out here who has at least 5 years experience working both
sides of the Workers Comp./Insurance side of things.  He went to school at
UC Northridge and is familiar with Southern Cal.  He's currently working for
the Gap, Inc. in Oakland/S.F. in the Workers Comp. area, but I know he has
also done Sales/Marketing for PT and APAS.

I know this is a lot, but I hope it will lead to something more focused.  I
look forward to your reply.

Hope this is helpful to you.  Feel free to call and discuss this further but please give me advance notice so I can spend time with you.  Good Luck

[The Intensity of Your Desire determines the Speed of Your Success]  I read that on a T Shirt the other day but it sounds relevent to you and your current situation.


All the best,

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