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Hello Zhang Li,

Thank you for your message.  The REALCAP and CAPTURE software modules were
created for capturing analog video from a computer controlled VCR in an
older version of APAS software.  WE have many users that are still using
that hardware and that is why the software modules are still included in the
download.  You will not require these programs for video capture.

You should use the Pinnacle software to capture both the Digital Video and
the Analog Video.  Just be certain that the video is saved in Microsoft
compatible AVI format.  Also, do not perform any tasks other than capturing
the "raw" video.  The Studio software allows you to select options such as
"Make Movie" and we do NOT want to use this since this changes the timing in
the files.  Just capture the desired video and then exit the program.

After capturing the video, the following steps are usually performed in a
typical analysis:

   TRIM module - used to "clip" and synchronize the desired video for

   DIGITIZE module - used to digitize the individual camera views.  Up to 6
views can be digitized simultaneously.

   TRANSFORM module - used to convert the digitized point locations into
spatial coordinates

   FILTER module - used to remove any random digitizing errors

   DISPLAY or APASVIEW modules - used to display the results for analysis.

I hope this helps to answer your questions.  Please do not hesitate to
contact me for any further information.


John Probe
Ariel Dynamics, Inc.

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From: "Zhang Li" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 6:36 AM
Subject: Problem capturing video

> Dear Mr John Probe,
> We are trying to capturing video using the JVC DVL9800 digital camera
> through the Pinnacle Studio Deluxe Analog and Digital Frame Grabber Card.
> In the RealCap Module, it only shows a black screen. I had checked that
> under Video Source, under Select a Video device "MicroSoft DV Camera and
> VCR" is selected.
> Under Capture Preferences, Device "Microsoft WDM Image Capture" is
> and Frame rate "PAL(50 images/sec)" is selected.
> I tried to use the Capture Module, it also show a black screen.
> I checked the Video Source, "MicroSoft DV Camera and VCR" is selected.
> Also, I had installed the Studio software in the computer. Using the
> Pinnacle software, I am to see and capture the video images using the
> and the digital inputs.
> Could you advise why I can't use the Ariel modules to see and capture the
> video images?
> Regards,
> Zhang Li
> BeiJing Sports Develope Co.
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Hello Giannis,
Gideon has forwarded your message so that I can provide a reply.  Based on the information that you provided, it simply seems that you are using the wrong module.  When the software is downloaded from the internet, all the software modules are included (even though some of them will not be used).  This makes things more simple than having multiple versions to download.  Anyways, if you are using the JVC 9600 cameras, you should use the software that is included with the DV frame grabber to capture the video.  We typically use either ULEAD Video Studio from SIIG or Studio DV capture software from Pinnacle Systems Inc.  The Captuer and REALCap software modules are used to capture analog video signals.  These modules are not designed to work with Digital Video systems.
The typical order of software modules for performing a basic analysis are:
   DV Capture Software (Usually supplied with DV capture card)
   Trimmer Module - used to "clip" desired video for analysis.
   Digitize Module - used to digitize AVI video files
   Transform Module - used to convert digitized points to spatial coordinates
   Filter Module - used to remove random digitizing error
   Display (or APASView) Module - used to display and analyze results
Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.
John Probe
Ariel Dynamics, Inc.

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From: "Giannis Giakas" <>
To: "'Gideon Ariel'" <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2002 4:47 AM
Subject: Apas system

> Dear Gideon
> We use Windows ME
> A Unibrain IEEE 1394 OHCI Adapter which comes with software VideoWave
> vesion 4.0
> We have two digital cameras JVC GR-DVL9600
> The problem is that although we are able to view the cameras using the
> software and to record, we have a gray screen in the capture using the
> APAS software. Any idea how we could sort this problem ?
> Possible names you may have on your database that purchased the system
> are
> Athanasios Tsiokanos  or Vasilios Baltzopoulos
> Best wishes
> Giannis
> ---------------------
> Giannis Giakas PhD
> Medical School
> University of Ioannina


Hello Olivier,

We are currently using the STUDIO DV capture board made by Pinnacle
Systems.  However, any frame grabber that is IEEE 1394 "FireWire"
compatible should work with the JVC camera. 

The STUDIO DV board includes capturing software, however, the "high-speed"
video has to be extracted into single images.  JVC accomplishes the
"high-speed" by slitting the full size image into either half or quarter
size.  I have attached a description that helps to explain this process.
This is written for NTSC format, but the same principle applies to the PAL
version cameras.

The Ariel Software Drivers for the JVC camera are required to access the
100 and 200 Hz video.  These software drivers are NOT included in the Basic
APAS software and would have to be purchased separately at a cost of
$3,500.00 USD.  NOTE:  Also it is recommended to use the SP mode (not LP
mode) for recordings.

I hope this helps to answer your questions.


John Probe

At 07:11 PM 12/02/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>hi john,
>thank you for your answer;
>>If the JVC-9700 camera supports the "high-speed" video mode, then you will
>>require additional software to access the high speed options.  The
>>standard mode should work just fine.
>yes, the JVC-9700 camera supports the "high-speed" video mode (100 and 200
>frames/sec in PAL);
>so what is the best product and model to use with APAS for high-speed video
>capture including this additional software (i think it can extract each
>half frame per image!);
>Olivier MARTIN (
>UFRAPS - Universite Joseph Fourier - BP53
>38041 GRENOBLE Cedex 09 - FRANCE
>tel. int + (0)4 76 51 41 95 (secr.) / 41 99 (lab.) / 41 89 (perso.)
>fax. int + (0)4 76 51 44 69

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