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Modem Connection to Our office

> Would it be possible to make a modem connection using the CLOSEUP6
> software
> located on the APAS computer?  This would allow us to take a look at the
> software and notice any problems that may exist.
> I have attached the instructions for the modem connection below.  Please
> let me know if this is possible and if so, what time you would be calling
> our office.
> Sincerely,
> John Probe
> Email:
> ===================
> 1.  Confirm time with Ariel Dynamics to make a modem connection.
> 2.  Connect an internal or external modem to computer
> 3.  Boot the computer to the DOS mode
> 4.  Access the CLOSEUP6 directory
> 5.  Execute the CHOST.EXE file
> 6.  Simultaneously press the ALT H keys to access the pull-down menus
> 7.  Select SETUP and check the following settings
> a.  Modem:  Hayes Compatible
> b.  Baud Rate:  2400 or 9600
> c.  Com Port:  Probably COM2
> d.  Host Secure:  NO
> e.  Auto Answer:  YES
> 8.  Then select MODEM INITIALIZATION AND CONTROL and press the ENTER key.
> In approximately 15 seconds, you should see a window that states OK.  If
> not, try changing the COM PORT setting and repeating steps #8.
> 9.  Press the ESC key one time
> 10. Select Phone, DIAL and MANUAL DIAL.  Then enter the Ariel Dynamics
> Modem/Fax number exactly as you would dial a telephone on this same
> extension and press the ENTER key.  The Ariel modem number is USA 858 874
> 2549
> 11.  If the modems make a connection, you will see a "chat" window on the
> screen for communicating.  If the connection fails for some reason, select
> PHONE, HANG-UP and repeat step #10
> Depending on the quality of the modem connection, the connection may be
> lost or the screens may black out.  Do not worry if this happens.  If the
> connection is lost, just repeat the steps above to make another
> connection.
>  If the screen blacks out, simply wait a while to see if it will come
> back.
>  If nothing happens in approximately 10 or 15 minutes, you should reboot
> the computer and test the software.
> Normally, we will leave our computer connected to the modem for up to 15
> minutes after disconnecting.  A message will be left in the "Chat" window
> when the modem connection has been successfully completed.
> Please contact the Ariel Dynamics office for any additional information.
> Ariel Dynamics, Inc.
> 4891 Ronson Court
> Suite F
> San Diego, California  92111  USA
> (858) 874-2547 Tel
> (858) 874-2549 Modem/Fax
> Email:
> Web Site:  /



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