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Ariel Dynamics Inc. certifies that hardware*/software comprising the Ariel Performance Analysis System (APAS) and Ariel Computerized Exercise System (ACES) is Year 2000 Compliant. A Year 2000 Compliant product from Ariel Dynamics will not produce errors processing date data in connection with the year change from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000 when used with accurate date data in accordance with its documentation, provided all other products (e.g., other software, firmware and hardware) used with it properly exchange date data with the Ariel product. A Year 2000 Compliant product supplied by Ariel will recognize the Year 2000 as a leap year.

Disclaimer: The Statement of Compliance refers to the Ariel product as delivered by Ariel. The Compliance Statement does not apply to user customizable features or third party add-on features or products, including items such as macros and custom programming and formatting features. The Ariel Statement of Compliance does not constitute a warranty or extend the terms of any existing warranty. The warranties provided for Ariel’s products, if any, are set forth in the end user license agreements that accompany the products or the terms of the license agreement under which you make use of an Ariel product. The information available from Ariel concerning the Year 2000 is provided for the sole purpose of assisting our customers in their planning for the transition to the Year 2000.


*NOTE: Some AST brand computers purchased from Ariel Dynamics, Inc. prior to February 1, 1999 may not be fully Year 2000 compliant. Additional information on Year 2000 Compliance can be obtained using the following AST internet sites:

Or by calling AST at (800) 727-1278


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