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APAS 3D System Logo.jpg (49000 bytes)

CAMERAS (240 Hz) FOR $24,500

To make the 240 Hz cameras  work at 240 fields per second, you must  install the APAS software on your computer !

(Check here why)

It is amazing how technology has progressed.   The JVC company just introduced a new camcorder high speed camera at 240 Hz for a very low price.  This camera is available now only in Japan. However, Ariel Dynamics acquired license to sell it in the United States as part of the APAS biomechanical system.

The  240  Hz camera is independent of the computer and stores the images on a digital tape in the camcorder. Alternatively, images can be fed directly through I-link (IEEE 1394) to the RS-232 computer interface or the data can be fed later  through the I-link cable and software.

capture.gif (18263 bytes)

For more detail click here

High_Speed_Camera2.jpg (2122 bytes)

Since the file format is AVI standard, the APAS is perfectly suited  since it utilizes AVI files as the digitizing format of choice. Only the APAS system with its special software can utilize this technology to it's fullest potential by separating the multiple fields into a biomechanical compatible sequence. This is the only system in the World that can do just that !!!

To understand the product concept, click here. 

The following photographs are taken from the JVC brochure and still available only in Japanese.

High_Speed_Camera3.jpg (2440 bytes)

Since the camera price is around $2000, the full APAS system with all the connections and interface to this marvelous technology, including the two cameras, will be priced about $25,000.

Other systems with 240 Hz cameras and full 3D analysis systems with analog input would cost more than $150,000.  Ten times as much which you pay some middle person !!!

High_Speed_Camera4.jpg (3805 bytes)

Now Available in the USA !!! (7-12-99)

And how it works with the APAS System



  • Progressive Scan CCD
  • 500 lines of horizontal resolution with New Luminance Processor and a full 480 lines of vertical resolution
  • Progressive complementary color filter
  • High-Speed Image Recording 240 hz
  • Direct PC Connection via 9-pin serial port (RS-232C type)
  • Digital Output (IEEE 1394 type): i.LINK
  • F1.8 Bright Lens
  • 3.8" Color anti-glare LCD Monitor in addition to a conventional viewfinder
  • 10x Optical Hyper Zoom / 200x Super Frame Digital Zoom with Spline Interpolation
  • Digital Image Stabilizer
  • Digital effects during playback and R.A. Edit
  • Optional high capacity battery extends shooting time to 7.5 hours
  • Snapshot mode (Single Screen, Pin-up, 4-Screen, 9-Screen, Negative)
  • 9 Digital effects and 11 scene transitions
  • Random Assemble Editing / Audio Dubbing
  • JLIP Terminal
  • S-Video Output (Y/C Output)
  • A/V Output

    Included Accessories

  • Multi-voltage AC power adapter / battery charger
  • 7.70 mAh Lithium-Ion Rechargable Battery Pack
  • Multi-brand Remote Control
  • PC Connection Cable, AV Output Cable, S-Cable (Y/C Cable), Editing Cable
  • JLIP Video Capture Software (V 2.1) / JLIP Video Producer (V 1.1)
  • Presto! Mr. Photo/ PhotoAlbum / ImageFolio (Photo retouch)
  • 30 Minute Mini DV Cassette
  • Handstrap
  • Shoulderstrap

    To make the 240 Hz cameras   work at 240 fields per second,  you must  install the APAS software on your computer ! (Click here to find out why)

    For more update information click here


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