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Panning, Tilting and Zooming Apparatus

  Ariel was the first to introduce Panning and Tilting functions to motion analysis system. Two methods are used. One incorporate a special mounting head for a camera to read angular data. The other is included in the Basic APAS system and utilizing field markers for the Panning program. It is free and very accurate.  Recently,  we started a new development in Ariel Dynamics Inc. We are utilizing the expertise of Dr. Falk Hildebrand and his associates from the University of Leipzig, in implementing the new Panning, Tilting and Zooming capabilities. We are using their outstanding mechanism with our software to provide this unique capability. This product is ready for distribution.

   3D Pan & Tilt & Zooming Module: This new module is able capture larger volumes of space because the cameras capable rotated both horizontally (panning) and vertically (tilting) to follow any movement which can be videotaped. The Ariel 3D Pan & Tilt & Zoom Module supplies accurate motion data coupled with the added benefit of capturing movement over a wider range of space than stationary cameras are able to provide. It is ideal for outdoor applications such as track & field or skiing, or indoors when cameras must be placed near the subject.  The Zooming capabilities add a significant functions where the subject can be zoomed in or out during the activity. 

   The cost of the unit and the software is $5000.00  This means that you can get the entire APAS system with Panning, Tilting and Zooming for $15,000.00  No one in the industry can match this. Others will charge you over $100,000 for this capability. If you worried that for this price you get an inferior product, just look at the most recent evaluation of all motion analysis systems in the World and see where the APAS stand up. It is simply the best for any price.


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