Revision APAS99winR_4.8 new Features

  1. IEEE 1394 - Firewire interface with the APAS capture System. "Real Time capturing"

  2. "Rendering Stick Figures"

  3. Virtual Reality interface enable a browser interface to the APAS System for Tele-Analysis

  4. Full Gait Analysis utilizing multiple marker sets (6 Degrees of Freedom)


Revision APAS99winR_4.5 new Features

Amazing new functions going to be introduced with the new Revision of the APAS:

  1. All APAS modules are integrated and one module can be called from another one.  A dynamic tool bar with all APAS module icons exist in each module to address any another module.

  2. A special zoomed mode allow sub-pixel resolution for manual and automatic digitizing.

  3. Video enhancement with filters such as:

    • Prewitt

    • Sobel

    • Laplacian

    • Gaussian

    • Highpass

    • Sharpen

    • Median

      These filters revolutionize video enhancement for markers and no-markers detection.

  1. Adjust functions for:

    • Brightness

    • Contrast

    • Highlight

    • Midtone

    • Shadow

    • Gamma

    • Hue

    • Saturation

   These combinations of video filters and adjustments, revolutionized the system detection to 1/10 pixel accuracy.

  1. Dynamic zoomed window move to reflect a particular points on the video for visual detection of any area on the body.

  2. Data conversion of all other systems on the market for quick file transfer for APAS analysis.

  3. Lan-C computer control of Camcorders to allow direct capturing from any inexpensive camcorder.

  4. Direct capturing video from any VCR

  5. Utilizing the new Matrox Marvel capture card in addition to the Iomega buz for any video capturing and direct TV input for capturing from TV.

  6. Support for all Digital Cameras utilizing IEEE1394 (Firewire; I-Link)

  7. Support for JVC9500 high speed camera at 120 Hz.

  8. Amazing price for full APAS and 2 high speed cameras for $15,000.

Download the system from our web site and try it for yourself. It is the best system in the World by a great margin.  All other companies are using old technology which were outdated more than 5 years ago. This is one of the reasons for the unreasonable prices of these systems.  The APAS System always presents the cutting edge of technology and offers free upgrades for life time. So, you are always up to date with your system.


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