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Swing Watch

The first company in the World to supply Applications Services Programming in the Sports.

About Swing Watch




Biomechanics Golf skills Improvement system


SwingWatch is a web based sports skills improvement providing golfers with an end-to-end automated movement analysis platform designated for helping them improve their skills and game scores as well as prevent golf injuries. By using a simple video camera and the most advanced biomechanics computer-based algorithms for the measurement, analysis, and presentation of movement performance, the technology enables capturing and digitizing of a golfers swing, rapid analysis of the movement and storage/distribution over the I-net.

By using the service, users are able to identify and understand their mistakes, improve their skills, maintain health, keep records of progress, get online update recommendations for training, track progress and learn online through quick professional interaction.

As many as 62% of golfers suffer some kind of injury during a given year. The most common injuries involve the back, left wrist and left elbow (for right-handers). The biggest culprit is poor swing mechanics, perhaps coupled with too much practice without proper instruction. Better mechanics, can go a long way in preventing these injuries.

The SwingWatch system allows the golfer on the driving range, at home, back yard etc., to simply touch a button on a destined screen and then begin his swing. The first analytic step after recording the golf swing is transferring the video image into a remote center for digitizing and biomechanical based analysis. In a few minutes, analysis results will be available from any PDA integrating wireless Internet connectivity, providing the user with a 3D representation of the swing, text with error explanation, recommendations to address the errors, an animation of an experts swing, juxtaposed to the golfers animation, graphs, depicting velocity patterns of chosen joints and prediction of the swing results, given that the identified errors are corrected.

The SwingWatch process is based upon The ARIEL Performance Analysis System APAS - a software application developed in the USA by Ariel Dynamics, Inc. the worlds leading developer of computer based, biomechanical analysis tools with more then 10,000 installation worldwide. Ariel Dynamics is one of SwingWatch founders.


What is the status of SwingWatch?


The SwingWatch TV beta product will be available and ready for marketing, within 3 months. The implementation of the technology for PDA applications is expected within 5 month. SwingWatch identified key executives to take leadership position once SwingWatch is founded. A pilot program with an Israeli golf club is at an advanced stage of approval. SwingWatch established a strategic relationship Ariel Dynamics Inc.


What is the size of the market and how much of a market share SwingWatch plan to pursue?

Today, in the U.S. only, there are 26.4 million golfers, 17,000 golf courses and overall golf spending on fees and equipment is $ 15 billion. 35% of all female golfers are currently taking golf lessons (Male 14%). 38% of all gofers work on improving their game at the golf range or other practice facility, on a regular basis. We estimate that the number of potential golfers to use SwingWatch in the USA only is 38% of total golfers meaning ~ 10,000,000. The projections of the company show revenues of around $2,700,000/month in its third year of operation, based on a total of 80,000 individual users from about 555 participating clubs.

This is a very conservative figure compared to the number of golfers/clubs involved in the golf industry. 555 clubs represent 3.3% of the potential market. Other main potential markets are Japan (27 million golfers, 2,400 golf courses Golf is the largest segment in the overall Japanese sporting goods market), South East Asia and Europe.


Management Team

CEO Offer Levy The former General Manager of Gallup Israel the largest market research and consulting firm in Israel. In his position as a General Manger he was in charge of 150 full time employees. Recently, he led successfully Gallup Israel buyout by the Gallup organization. Offer holds an MBA degree from Beer-Sheva University and a BA degree with honors from the Tel Aviv College of Business.

CTO Itamar Kandel Database specialist graduate of a leading software development unit in the Israeli army, Intelligence Corps. Senior Oracle DBA, supervised a team of experts on the development of special database applications. Holds a B.A degree, with honors, in Computer Science and Management from Tel-Aviv University.

VP of Science - Dr. Gilad Vingertan One of the world experts in the area of sport science and sport psychology. Former athlete (long jump and sprint) with a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. Since 1998, Dean of Graduate Studies and Head of Sport Media at the Wingate College for Physical Education and Sport.

1970-1998 Wingate Institute - Director School for Coaches, Director Dept. of Research and Sports Medicine. Director of Sport Division, Scientific Director and Director General. President of Israels Athletic association. President of Israel Academy for Physical Education and Sport. Television commentator at all Olympic games since 1972 and all world championships in athletics. Invited lecturer worldwide, writer of professional books and articles.

VP of R&D - Dr. Moshe Ayalon One of Israels top experts in the area of BIOMECHANICS. Holds Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (1986-1991). Since 1997, Head of Life Science Department and Biomechanics Laboratory, Zinman College, Wingate Institute.

Special adviser Science & Technology - Dr. Gideon Ariel - Founder and Chief Executive of the Board of Ariel Dynamics, Inc., is a world-renowned authority in biomechanics with special expertise in computer science. He is a former Olympic athlete, and completed his graduate and post-doctoral work at the University of Massachusetts, where he received a Ph.D. in Exercise and Computer Science. He has published numerous scientific papers, has been featured on national TV and in many magazines, holds several patents, (including one on variable resistance which is the basis of most modem exercise equipment), served as consultant to many of the country's leading companies, founded an independent laboratory devoted to biomechanical research relating to human performance, and was chairman of the U.S. Olympic Biomechanical Committee.

Special adviser - Marketing & Business development Jacob Levy - President of Gallup Israel. One of Israels top experts on International research and International marketing.


Who are the major competitors?


We believe SwingWatch main competition derives from three major methods

Personal instruction by a professional

Personal instruction by a professional (golf instructor) by means of verbal comments, demonstrations and mistake corrections. The weakness of this method lies in its subjectivity and the limitation of the human eye. Golf movements are far too fast and complicated to be properly analyzed by the human visual system or processed by the human brain.

A golf specific video system

A golf specific video system such as provided by Swing Solutions Inc., sometimes used by professionals at extra cost, in order to show customers their mistakes or compare them to better golfers. This one-on-one method may illustrate a mistake, however it cant analyze the movement objectively or detect the real roots causing it. Basically Video systems are aimed to help the trainers to improve their training skills and not to be used by golfers as a direct tool that doesnt require trainer intervention.

One-on-one biomechanical analysis systems

This group represents the main competition for SwingWatch. Most of the one-on-one biomechanical analysis systems, such as Motion Analysis Inc. or Vicon Inc. are very expensive, therefore they exist in very few prestigious golf clubs and provide a costly biomechanical analysis of golf skills on an individual basis. Such a service though objective and sophisticated is very limited in the number of customers it can serve, and repeat analysis for improvement are almost impossible due to distances, costs and availability. Moreover, these systems involved with attaching sensors to the joints, which reflect the swing.



The Biomechanics of Power Golf (Click Here)






This page illustrates the application to Golf analysis


Video Data


Golf Analysis 1


Golf Analysis 2


Golf Analysis 3


Golf Analysis 4 (Video with Velocity Curve)


About SwingWatch


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