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United States Sports Academy Distinguished Service
Award to Dr. Gideon Ariel

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One Acaderny Drive - Daphne, Alabarna, USA, 36526
Telephone: 334/626-830S FAX: 334/626-3874

17 May 1999
Dr. Gideon B. Ariel
6 Alicante Street
Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
Via Fax: (949) 858-0377
Dear Gideon:
   This is a short note in follow-up of our good conversation this past week concerning your
Distinguished Service Award we would like to present to you at 1930 (7:30 p.m.), Friday, 21 May
1999, at the Kaleidoscope Gallery in Mission Viejo. I trust you received the details under separate
   This Distinguished Service Award is well deserved, Gideon. You have been a member of the National Faculty from the beginning when many in education had doubts, You served as our first Dean of Sport Science and, in fact, ran the Academy's Biomechanical Center in Your operation out there at Coto de Casa. Many students went through your program and have gone on successful careers in sport science,
   On top of all that, you have been a creator, inventor and a developer of new biomechanical analysis equipment which is considered to be among the best in the world. These are all great accomplishments.  
   I am looking for-ward to seeing you. I am attaching a tear sheet from the current issue of The Academy which will introduce you to Aldo Luongo who is truly a very fine artist.
Thomas P. Rosandich, Ph.D.

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Nice Letter from one of the greatest coaches of all times - Ted Newland

   It was nice to meet you after all these years. I remember Chuck Coker
talking about you years ago when we first bought some Universal equipment
in the early 60's

   I guess if you live long enough you will receive a lot of golden hand
hacks. Have receive my share in the last view years.

   I loved the story about the Diamond pin I have told to several people My
wife really enjoyed it. I have been a strong believer in weight training
since 1950 and when I first started coaching in 1955 everyone believed if
you lifted you would get muscle bound but I knew I had lifted and I didn't
get muscle bound so I had my athletes lift and have been doing it since I
first started coaching at New Port High School in 1955 I was the first
swimming and water polo coach to lift his athletes and the first coach in
these fields to go to two a day workout one which was lifting weights I was
the first coach I know who started to do circuit training using Universal
Machines back in 1962 We would go 45 seconds on and 15 seconds to move on
Now I am into doing a lot more free weights with cleans and jerk , push
press, snatches, and squats. I think now it is hard to beat the free
exercises but I have only had platform for about 10 years . Our weight roon
at UCI is on the second floor so platforms are key.

   I have always felt players will only learn by what you do not what you say
so I have always lifted so my players know I think it is important to a
life of fitness. I try to sell my players on the idea that lifting is not
only important for better athletic performance but it is important to life
time fitness and that should be every athletes long term goal. as I see it.
One can only compete for a very short time so the real aim should for a
life time fitness and that is what I try to sell. It is not any easy sell
but again I believe that if you can teach players to be self disciplined
and self motivated winning will take care of it self. I get up and am in
the weight room every morning at 4:45am so how can my players bitch if they
have to be there at 6 am I also try to eat correctly and I have found that
most athletes who really work hard need at least 40% of their total caloric
intake to come from protein What do you think about diet and muscle growth?
I have found by increasing protein my players can make strength gain during
season which was not true before I had then increase their protein intake
to 40% I think the best balance is 40 % protein , 45 % carb  and 15 % fat I
hate to go over 15 % fat as it has so many bad side effects again what do
you think? Just trying to pick your brain so I can learn.

Ted Newland

Self - reliance is the greatest gift a parent  or coach can give a child or
a player EHN.
Edward H. Newland  Water Polo Head Coach

U C Irvine  Intercollegiate Athletics
Fax: 949-824-5260  Phone: 949-824-6931 E-Mail: enewland@uci.edu
Official UCI WP Web Page: http://www.uci.edu/~mwater/
Index of our Pages: http:/orion.oac.uci.edu/~enewland/



"America's Graduate School of Sport"


Date: 15 June 1999
TO: USSA Board of Trustees
All Academy Committee
Academic Committee
Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, President

SUBJECT: Awards of Sport
Atta ent:
Dr. Gideon Ariel's  Website on the DSA

Ladies and Gentlems:

I am dictating this short note in the wee hours of the morning (my days and nights again are mixed up following my last world tour). However, this has given me a chance to review my reading files (three briefcases). I found repeatedly letters from the Academy's different honorees.

There is letter after letter from the honorees congratulating the Academy on its national and worldwide accomplishments. Obviously, this could only be through the work of our Board of Trustees and their continued support of the Academy's awards efforts.

I had letters from Prince Alexandre de Merode of the IOC Medical Commission and Jim Page, the Associate Executive Director of the USOC's Sport Education Program, Dr. Judy Young, Executive Director of NASPE, and the list goes on and on. However, one of the most interesting presentations is that taken off of Dr. Gideon Ariel's website. Of course, it speaks for itself. Dr. Ariel has always had a wide following given his incredible contributions to biomechanics.

I will share the information on this topic with the Board when you assemble for the Annual Meeting on 29-30 July, 1999.

One Academy Drive - Daphne, Alabama, USA, 36526-7055

Telephone: 334/626-3303 FAX: 334/621-2527

E-mail: academy@ ussa-sport.ussa.edu

World Wide Web: http://www.sport.ussa.edu



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