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The ISBS Meeting of 1999

Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia

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   What a great meeting by great organizers for great people.  The ISBS of  1999 in Perth Australia presented the highest scientific quality presented by leaders from all over the World.

   Thanks to Dr. Ross Sanders and Dr. Barry Gibson for having such a great organization and great time in superb city of Perth.

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   This ISBS web page was created by Gideon Ariel (Gideon Crocodile Dundee...), main sponsor of the ISBS-99 meeting. I will try to present the various events we experienced in Perth in the following gallery. In addition, I published step by step instructions, how to download the APAS system from the net and install it on any Pentium based PC, Windows-98 or Windows NT, and how to install the system from the CD which you obtained at the conference.

   Again, thank you Ross Sanders and Barry Gibson for providing a great time to all.

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  The International Society of Biomechanics is Sports (ISBS) is pleased to present the Scientific Proceedings of the XVII International Symposium on Biomechanics in Sports, held at Underwater World, Sorrento Quay, Perth, Western Australia from June 30 to July 6, 1999.

  The Scientific Proceedings include the Geoffrey Dyson Lecture by Professor James Hay, six keynote lectures, and 84 accepted original research papers. Of the last, 62 papers were presented orally and 22 as posters based on author preference. Each paper was reviewed by two experts in the topic area. The papers were then classified as 'accept', 'accept with minor changes', 'reject and resubmit', or 'reject. All authors, except those whose papers were rejected without the opportunity to resubmit, were required to respond to reviewers' comments and to make the requested changes to the satisfaction of the editors of the Proceedings. Of the 93 scientific papers submitted, 84 were eventually accepted to appear in the Scientific Proceedings. The relatively low rejection rate was due to general adherence to the strict guidelines disseminated to ensure the quality of submissions. These guidelines may be viewed on the Symposium Home Page at: http.,Ilwww.uni-stuttgart.delExtemalllsbsI --> Conferences -> 1999, Perth--> Submission of Papers

  The editors wish to thank the authors for their efforts to comply with the standards required for publication in the Scientific Proceedings of the ISBS. We also thank the members of the Scientific Committee for their competent and thorough reviews.

  The International Society of Biomechanics; in Sports is confident that this and future publications will contribute to the major goal of the Society, that is, to 'bridge the gap between sports biomechanics researchers and practitioners in teaching, coaching, training and rehabilitation'. In addition to the scientific program and its proceedings, that goal is also being achieved through 'special activities' and workshops. These include the ongoing work of the ISBS Working Party for Research currently led by Professor Larry Noble. In conjunction with this Symposium a 'workshop on data smoothing' has been conducted by Professor Graeme Wood as a collaborative venture of the International Society of Biomechanics; in Sports and the International Society of Biomechanics. Congratulations to Professor Renato Rodano and Professor Gunter Rau for facilitating this healthy affiliation between the ISBS and ISB. Also, in an attempt to serve coaches and sports people, an'applied program' comprising 26 lectures on topics related to tennis, swimming, fundamental skills, and acrobatics/gymnastics was organised. Notes and proceedings of the foregoing are available through the ISBS.

Perth, June 1999

Ross H. Sanders
Barry J. Gibson



Ross Sanders (Chair)

Barry Gibson

Jerry Linsten

Elizabeth Rose

Lesley Sanders



Eileen Baker

Angela Johnson



Hans Gros President
Stuart Miller Secretary General
Manfred Vieten
Julie Steele Vice President/Publications
Tony Bauer Vice President/Conferences

Renato Rodano Vice President/Public Relations
Larry Noble Vice President/Research and Projects
Eugene Brown
Vice President/Awards


Ross Sanders (chair), Hans Gros, James Dowfing, Stuart Miller, Manfred
Vieten, Julie Steele, Tony Bauer, Renato Rodano, Larry Noble, Eugene
Brown, Rodney Barrett, Jurgen Krug, Bruce Mason, Henrik Sorensen,
Danny Too, Stephen Haake, Joao Abrantes, Richard Smith, Jo Wolf, Laurie
Malone, Jackie Hudson, Bojan Jost, San Yeon Woo


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Filtering Workshop

Opening Session and ISBS First Day

VIP Evening Together and Second Day

Trip to Tumbulgum Farm

Closing Ceremony

Edith Cowan University Biomechanics Laboratory

Biomechanical Sport Analysis Through Data Integration - Slide Presentation

Throwing for Speed & Accuracy utilizing the APAS System

Throwing for Speed & Accuracy utilizing the APAS System (Text .doc)

Biomechanical Integration of Kinetic and Kinematic Data using the APAS System

How to install the APAS System from the provided CD

How to install the APAS System from the Internet

How to activate the Site Key


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