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9 50 96 0 cm 2 cm Performance
cm cm Deg Stationary Stationary Total Price Ratio
Price $ test Test Test Test Test Score per $1000
Ariel 10,000 19 4 19 20 11 73 7.30
Motion 150,000 9 10 14 17 14 64 0.43
Peak *** 125,000 9 8 9 7 3 36 0.29
Qualisys 75,000 8 9 4 8 19 48 0.64
Vicon *** 250,000 15 13 14 8 13 63 0.25

Table 6. Summary of results

Table 6 summarizes all of the test results. The APAS system scored the highest with 73 points, which exceeds the closes competitor by more than 10 points.

When considering the price of the system, the value is more than evident.  The complete APAS, including all of the hardware and software, costs only $10,000 while the other ranked equipment range in price from $75,000 to $300,000 or more.

Table 6 illustrates that although the APAS cost is only $10,000 it out performed all the other companies on the various tests. The question is how it is possible?? The answer is that the Ariel Company does not spend money on shows, advertisements, commissions, or other marketing and sale expenses. We do not have expensive brochures and none of us wears three piece suits.  We spend that money on continuous software and hardware developments.  These product developments and cost reductions are passed to the customer, thus, costing you less for a better product. In other words, for $10,000 you get the best product for the lowest price.

When considering the Price Ratio per $1000.00, the APAS scored 7.30 which is more than 10 times better than any other system.

Figure 1 illustrate the scatter diagram of the various test and plotted of price versus performance.

Performance vs. Price

price_vs_performance1.gif (9283 bytes)

Figure 1. Performance vs. Price

It is clear to all objective observers that the APAS outperformed all the other companies.  Not only did the APAS score the highest, in the majority of the test categories, but in all cases this feat was accomplished at the lowest price.

Figure 2 illustrates the Performance Price Ratio per $1000.00.  Since the APAS costs only $10,000.00,  there is no sensible alternative.  Since the APAS demonstrated performance levels which exceeded those of all the other companies by substantial margins, the question remains why any rational consumer would purchase equipment other than the Ariel Performance Analysis System.

The Most Bang for the Buck

ChartObject Performance vs. Price

Figure 2.  Performance vs. Price. It is clear that the APAS delivers the most for any price.

It is clear beyond doubt that the APAS outperformed all the other companies. Not only the APAS scored the highest performance, but in all cases, at the lowest price.

Performance Price Ratio per $1000.00

ChartObject Performance Price Ratio per $1000

Figure 3. Performance Price Ratio per $1000

Figure 3 illustrates the Performance Price Ratio per $1000.  Since the APAS costs only $10,000.00, ($5000 for software only) there is no reasonable nor credible alternative. If you add the two high speed cameras (120hz) to the formula, the performance bar will exceed the size of the page... The APAS performance exceeded all the other companies by such a margin that it is questionable why any serious investigator would purchase any other system.  Some individuals may think that the other marker systems are faster in collecting data. However, with the introduction of the new "Tracker" system which optimizes the automatic digitizing capability of the APAS, the same statement is equally true for the APAS.

To summarize the entire study, it was revealed in this independent study by the highest authoritative research-affiliated organization and presented at the 3D Conference of Human Movement in Chattanooga, Tennessee on July 3, 1998 that the APAS system exceeded all other system in analyzing valid and reliable data for Human and biological movement. But the bottom line is what our customers think about us. 

In recent messages to the BioMch-L list, check here to see what they wrote.

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