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Capturing Video

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Capturing Video
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Capturing Video

The actual capturing of the video is very straight forward and does not require anything special. Use either the wpe2.jpg (852 bytes) button in the toolbar or the menu item Video Sequence under the Capture menu and you are ready to go.

Attention: If there is no synchronization between the computer (RealCap module) and the VCR/camcorder it is important to capture a video sequence that is large enough to catch the whole sequence including some slack in the beginning and the end. When storing the video sequence to disk the sequence is trimmed and only the images of interest is stored.

Important: When capturing video to the harddrive to is previous said that the through put to the harddrive has to be quite high and if this is in some way slowed down the RealCap module will loose some image/frames. If this is the case the RealCap will give a message that frames has been dropped and the sequence can not be used.
The reason for the drop of frames can be many, but one thing that could  cause it is thermal calibration of the harddrive. A thermal calibration of the harddrive is used to adjust the harddrive head for proper positioning. Some harddrives does not do this calibration (special SCSI AV harddrives) but they are pretty expensive. The use of a preallocated file for the capturing process is trying to cover for the jumping of the harddrive head when capturing the video. In some cases it is not always enough space to create a contiguous file and the jumping will occur. To avoid this try to defractment the harddrive using the Windows95/98 tool Disk defracmenter. Also make sure you have as much space available on the harddrive as possible.



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