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The APAS Trim Module


   The APAS Trimmer Module is a relatively simple module. It is designed to allow the user to precisely trim and synchronize video sequences.

The following discussion will introduce and describe the Trimmer Module.  Please note that the APAS Trimmer is not the same as the Trimming functions in the Ulead or the Studio DV software programs.  These Trimming programs were created for movie production and are not as precise as required for biomechanical analysis.  The APAS Trimmer was designed specifically for trimming video for biomechanical analysis.

  To review the APAS Trimmer please click here.

 The high speed camcorders support 120 Hz in either horizontal or vertical split screen modes.  The newer model cameras also support a 240 Hz mode.

The next video file illustrates each step which described above.  For purposes of internet transmission, this video is significantly compressed into a smaller file size. The files that you will experience using the APAS System are much better quality and much higher resolution.




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