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  Capturing Video with the JVC-9800 Digital Video Camera


      The APAS2000 High Speed with the High Speed JVC 9800 Camera



  Welcome to the Digital Video Age. For the first time, affordable high speed videography can be used by anyone.  With a sub $1000 cameras you can sample motion data at 240 frames per second. This technology only months ago cost over $25,000;  just for the camera. Today the APAS system with 2 high speed cameras at 240 Hz each cost only $10,000. This is includes the software to be able to capture and digitize any movement. 

  In the following, you will find a hand on tutorial to learn how to do it.  To start you only need the camera and a computer. That's it. All software coming with the capture card.

1.  Introduction

2.  Procedures for capturing video data

Step by step procedures - Capturing and Trimming 

4. The APAS Trimmer


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