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Gideon Ariel, Ph.D.


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Even Professor Puncho can teach the APAS System

   The APAS system consists of the following Modules: 

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RealCap     RealCap_icon2.jpg (2138 bytes) - Real time capturing and computer control of video sources


Capture     Capture_Icon.jpg (2387 bytes) -  Real time capturing with additional features and computer control of video sources


Trimming   Trimmer_Icon.jpg (2173 bytes) - Trimming video source and synchronization of video files


Digitize     Digitize_icon.jpg (2333 bytes) - Digitizing, Automatic and Manually trimmed or Genlock video


Transform  Transform_icon.jpg (2277 bytes) - Transformation of digitizing files into 3D and 2D files


Filter       Filter_icon.jpg (2494 bytes) - Various algorithms to filter and smooth raw digitized data


Display      Display_icon.jpg (2537 bytes) - Multi-video display of data output in various forms


APASview  Apasview_icon.jpg (2502 bytes) - Integration of multiple display and data into a dynamic common time base


Analog      Analog_icon.jpg (2137 bytes) - Data capturing from any analog input such as Force Plates and EMG


EMG       EMG_icon.jpg (2352 bytes) - A special package to analyze EMG data


Vectors    Vectors_icon.jpg (2265 bytes) - Synchronize in a display, video and superimposed vectors and data


Delta       Delta_icon.jpg (2009 bytes) - Lift Task analysis


Kinetics    Kinetic_icon.jpg (2346 bytes) - Kinetic analysis of forces and Moments in 6 Degrees of Freedom

   All the modules are integrated and can be called within any module. An APAS tool bar is optionally available so, one can activate any module in any time within any module.   

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   The following figure illustrates the APAS System Icons on the desk top:

   The Icons are arranged in a logical order where cpaturing the video data is first and end up with the Kinetic Analysis.

apas_icons.jpg (71296 bytes)  APAS_toolbar2.gif (4971 bytes)
APAS Modules Icons as shown on the Desktop.

   We will start with Lesson 1, the RealCap Module:  realcap_icon.gif (1794 bytes)

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