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Running the APAS on a notebook

(Make sure you read the entire page !!!)


download the Install.bat file, to install all the direct shows files that you need and the Morgan CODEC file.

To do that  download the files to the C:\Morgan  Directory.

  This will download the batch file to run.

   Run the Install.bat file. This will install all the necessary files. You will need then to register the Morgan program with the Morgan company at:

A comperhensive Bulletin Board is provided by Morgan:

By purchasing the APAS on a desk top or downloading the APAS software from our web site, you are also allowed to run the APAS system on your notebook.

Any  video file can be digitized and analyzed on your notebook as though it were a full desk top system. The only requirement for the notebook is that you need to digitize a video file without a Capture card. This is possible by downloading a special Coding/De-coding program which is available on the net at:

This software will allow you to do the following:

Realtime software M-JPEG compression on capture cards that does not perform hardware compression (ATI All In Wonder Pro,Hauppauge WinTV, Miro PCTV, ...).
Video Editing of M-JPEG projects without the specific hardware codec.
Software M-JPEG AVI files can be played back by hardware codecs (Rainbow Runner, Buz, ...).
Win9x, WinNT, Video for Windows, ActiveMovie & DirectShow, Adobe Premiere, Ulead Media Studio compliant.
MMX and 3DNow! optimized.
DirectDraw YUV accelarated overlay output supported (YUY2, UYVY, ...).
Most of the M-JPEG formats supported (4:2:2, 4:1:1, 4:2:0, MJPG, dmb1, jpeg).

Now you can digitize any video file on your notebook at your home, on the beach, in your hotel room or on the plane. Biomechanical analysis becomes totally mobile.

You can also, download the Install.bat file to install all the direct shows files that you need and the Morgan CODEC file.



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