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Important Notice !!!

(Make sure you send us the site code, so we can send you the Site Key for the trial period)

The following simple steps are necessary for downloading:

  1. Go to the end of this page and click on the download link

  2. Save the downloaded file to a temporary directory

  3. Execute the file (or files) to extract its content to the same temporary directory

  4. Run the setup.exe program

  5. Send us an E-mail with the hardware code and the Site Code

  6. We will send you the Site Key which will be generated based on the codes you send us

  7. Type the Site Key Code to one of the modules and it will register all the modules automatically.

A Multi-Media presentation of the downloading process is presented here.  If you have any .avi video files, you can digitize them without having installed a capture card.  This advantage applies to the Analog program as well. In other words, you can analyze Force Plate or EMG data providing that the original analog files were sampled with an appropriate A/D board such as from Computer Board Corporation.

For detailed Downloading Instructions Click Here

(Make sure you send us the site code, so we can send you the Site Key for the trial period)

The APAS system is a full 3D/2D System for bothe Win98 and WinNT Platform.

The only difference between the full APAS System and the APAS98win is the Hardware.  APAS98win must be installed on your hardware where the APAS System is shipped with the hardware. If you have the hardware, we got the software,  and it is only $5000 for a full motion analysis system.  This including: Capturing, Real Time Capturing, Digitizing, Trimming, Transformation, Filtering, Analog for Force Plates and EMG, Displaying, Exporting, Viewing, Data Base, Network compatible and more as described in the next paragraph.

(Make sure you send us the site code, so we can send you the Site Key for the trial period)


Some of you, and some of our old customers, still have a DOS system running.  For you we prepared a full APAS98dos for downloading.  You will find the files to download at the same location where the APAS98win.

Click here for most recent evaluation of the APAS system presented at the 3D Conference of Human movement.


For more installation information Click on the following Topics


Why Should You Select the Ariel Performance Analysis System for Your Movement Quantification Needs?

Check out the APAS - what can you lose?  Download the system and play with it for a while.  Check its accuracy, check its user friendliness.   You will love it!


Download APAS2000 now!

(Make sure you send us the site code, so we can send you the Site Key for the trial period)


Download Sample Data to use with the APAS system


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