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RealCap And LanC

wpe8.jpg (1310 bytes)

Control your camcorder directly
from the RealCap


The last few weeks we have been implementing a very unique feature for the RealCap module. The RealCap is one of the new corner stones in the APAS system enabling you to capture video in real-time directly to the computer hardrive. Previously we needed to have external equipment to enable video capturing at 60 images/sec. Now we don't! Meaning that the system prices is lower and the functionality is high.

Real time capturing of video the images from the camcorder/VCR has to be continuously supplied to the computer. Meaning that when the capturing process is in progress the VCR or camcorder has to be in Play mode. Initiating the VCR or camcorder into play mode induces a small positioning problem which is compensated using computer control VCR's or a nicely featured trimming process.

Trimming is used to cut the captured video sequence to only contain the actual images of interest. If the VCR or camcorder is not controlled by the computer a large amount of images has to be captured in order to ensure that the sequence of interest is part of the captured video. Using a computer controlled VCR or camcorder it is possible to position the VCR or camcorder just before the start of the sequence, and during the capturing process the VCR or camcorder is automatically put into play mode. This method decreases the amount of video needed to be captured.

In the first version of the RealCap the use of AG-5700, AG-7350 and the BCD AG2550 was supported. In order to keep up with the fast growing consumer electronic market we implemented support for the RealCap to control camcorders and VCR's through the new serial connection from SONY called LanC which is the most widely used communication for video equipment.

View the current supported camcorders and VCR's under LanC

What is LanC

The LanC is a serial connection between the computer and the camcorder or VCR that requires a special cable and communication software to work. The software is incorporated in the RealCap and therefore invisible to the user. The functionality from the RealCap is simple VCR commands like Play, Stop, Pause, Fast Rewind, Fast Forward, Search Rewind, Search Forward, Step +/-.
The cable that connects the VCR or Camcorder to the computer is a special design. The communication is done through a single wire and therefore there has to be some additional electronics incorporated within the cable.

FAQ about the LanC

How does the LanC affect my work ?

Capturing video using a synchronization process shortens the time of analysis. The amount of video captured is minimized and the trimming process is easy and fast.

Do I need the LanC in my laboratory ?

More and more equipment is sold with the support of the LanC connection. This means that the LanC gives you a broader range of equipment to choose from. Just check out the current list maybe you even got LanC ready equipment in you laboratory or try look for the following symbol on you VCR or camcorderwpe8.jpg (1310 bytes)this will indicate that your equipment is LanC ready.

I still have the old AG-5700/AG-7350 from Panasonic do I need the LanC

The RealCap supports the AG-5700 and the AG-7350 from Panasonic so there is no need to get the LanC right away.




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