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The Trimming Module


New module Trim for editing several video sequences simultaneously.

Use the File/OpenAVI or the AVI toolbar button #2 from left to open the AVI files of interest. The images for each AVI are numbered. Also displayed is a "Synch" indicator for the synch image. There is always one "active" image which is indicated by a set of concentric white/Black rectangles on the periphery of the active image. All action is on the active image/AVI. An image/AVI is made active by left-clicking on a image.

The ToolBar buttons are grouped into 4 sets. The 1st set include the File menu items of opening a document, opening an AVI, saving trimmed AVIs, & printing. The second set include the Edit menu items of Cut, Copy, Paste. The third set include the Trim menu items TrimLeft, TrimRight, & Synch, and the View menu items of Zoom & UnZoom. The fourth set include the VCR menu items PlayFwd, PlayRev, Pause, StepRev, StepFwd, Rewind & FF.

After the AVIs of interest are opened, click on an image in the 1st AVI to make it active, then click on the Zoom toolbar button [magnifying glass]. At this point the active image is displayed full screen. Then use the various VCR commands to make the synch image the active image. Click on the "Synch" button [left of Zoom] to make this image the synch image. Click on UnZoom to restore the screen to its 4 pane configuration. Repeat these steps for each of the remaining AVIs. The program will lineup all the Synch Images.

Next on any AVI make the 1st frame of interest the active image by clicking on it. Then click "TrimLeft" button. The program will visually then trim away the unwanted images before the start. Do the same for the last image of interest with the "TrimRight" button. At this point no actual data has been discarded and you can undo the trimming from the Trim/Untrim menu item.

When you are ready, make the changes permanent by clicking the "Save Trimming" button. When this completes, the AVI files are rewritten with only the images of interest. Recovering the originals is no longer possible.



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