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Tutorials and background information


Gideon Ariel, Ph.D.

"If at first you don't succeed, try reading the instructions"

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The following tutorials represent all the APAS modules. Text, images and video files are used to give the reader the best knowledge and experience in using the APAS system. 

Please feel free to copy the material and download the video files. Use this material in your classroom or your organization to have first hand experience with Biomechanics. Download APAS to any notebook or desktop and organize your curriculum to allow students to have a first class experience with this great field. You may teach also other disciplines utilizing this material. Imagine teaching Mathematics, or Biology, utilizing real life situation and use Biomechanics as the tool to teach these disciplines. Wouldn't children like to learn about displacement and velocity by utilizing Biomechanics to analyze the most recent Olympic events or the European Soccer Championship?  The video files are large files and should be played with the MS Media Player. These video files are compressed and this why their quality is not as good for digitizing. However, it allow the teaching process to be practical within reasonable file sizes. Of course, you can create your own files and it will be great if you will share these files with others through the Internet. 

Capture cards are becoming less and less expensive.  The I-Omega 60hz capture card can be purchased for $150. You can purchase it through the Internet by linking to http://www.pricewatch.com . This site will link you World Wide to the place to buy any hardware for the least expensive price.  This is amazing, when only few years ago this technology would cost thousands of dollars. The material will get better and better. In some cases you will find some spelling mistakes or incorrect sentences. This is due to the fact that my native language is not English. I apologize for that. However, the material is first class and you could not get it anywhere else. I was the first one that started all this electronic Biomechanics. My publications go back to 1968 when I used a Sonar digitizer to digitize the knee joint angle and transmit the coordinates data from a modem  at 300 Bauds, in my kitchen in Amherst Massachusetts, to Dartmouth College at Hanover New Hampshire. Dartmouth was the only University in the World to have a Time Sharing system. Also, the Basic Language was invented at Dartmouth College where I learned it from the inventors, Kemney and Kurtz. The original APAS System I was written it in the Basic Language.

I will appreciate any feedback and corrections.  Mail your messages to gideon@arielnet.com 

Have a happy APAS!

Gideon Ariel, Ph.D.

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TutorialsTutorials and background information

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