APAS 2000 - Biomechanical Analysis from TV Broadcasts

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Ariel Dynamics provides a system to perform a biomechanical analysis from standard TV broadcasts. The Web, combined with Java, is an ideal platform to provide these kinds of services to a wide audience. Click here for interactive visualization demos. Or here to test your software installation. This web concept allows for many different types of analyses and presentations:

Note: To run the demos, make sure to have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and Java 3D Standard Extensions (J3D) installed (installation instructions are available here).

Sports > Athletics > Long Jump > Carl Lewis Real-time e-Analysis is available here.

Compare Lewis to Powell.


Sports > Athletics > Running > 100 m

e-Race Concept

Performances of individual athletes can be compared within the same race, but also between different races (e-Race). This allows any kinds of comparison we can think of, in sprinting, jumping, throwing, Bob Beamon vs. Carl Lewis, etc.

Check here for analysis of a single sprinter. The software will easily allow multiple runners in an e-race. Data collected from the same race, or even from different races. A race need only be digitized once. The results (a 3D file) can be stored in a central database.

It can be viewed on any kind of device (hand-held, web browsers, etc.)

Powerful concept

The concept is very powerful. Data can be collected from any source and processed on any system. Results can be stored on a central database and can be made available on any kind of device:

  • hand-helds for mobile feedback;
  • web-browser for more visually appealing display;
  • custom client software for sophisticated analysis;
  • other.

Although the demo applets on this site visualize data using balls and cylinders, any kind of objects or geometry can be used. 

Check here for some background information and more screenshots.

Below are some ideas how everything may be integrated into one big network of biomechanical analysis. It may allow any kind of information to be shared, analyzed, and visualized.