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Ariel Dynamics


Over the last few months the APAS system has grown to be the most common used biomechanical evaluation system in the society of biomechanics. The people using the APAS system is a broad range of highly scientific personal, physical therapists, sports coaches and even students on graduate and under graduate level. The APAS system has proven to be the most convenient and easy to use equipment for motion analysis.

In order to keep up the many questions from our customers we provide a new service called the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups. The intention with this service is to let our users of the APAS system post question and answers in the same manner as the famous biomechanical listserver BiomchL, started by Herman J. Woltring in the early 70'. Only that the Ariel NewsGroups is only intended for communication among fellow users of the APAS system. Another strong feature with the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups is that you don't need to subscribe in the same way for a news group as for a list server. When you subscribe to a list server you will be send mail when ever somebody post a message to the list server. Using the news group you can check the posted message at any time you need to seek for answers or post a question. In this way you avoid a huge pile of mail send to you every day which you have to delete anyway.

In order to make the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups as powerful as possible the employees at Ariel Dynamics will contribute with postings on various topics, corporate news and updates.

The Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups can be accessed using all kinds of News reader software. Most commonly when setting up the News reader you will need the server name (or number) in order to retrieve the various News Groups.

The Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups server is: /

Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups policy

The Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups is intended for all people with interest and use in the APAS system. We encourage you to use the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups with respect for other users who appreciate this service as a valuable tool in order to maximize the usage of their APAS system.
When posting messages try be precise in the describing you problem but also make an answer as clear as possible so that the majority of the readers will be able to understand the posting.

Suggestions to creation of new news groups on other topics than currently available please send an email with you suggestion to

Thank you - The Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups Moderator


Reading and posting messages with OutLook Express

In the last few months it has shown that the people downloading our software from the net is using the Internet Explorer 4.0 or later. We know that in this package the OutLook Express is a free tool for reading mail and news from the internet. In order to provide a way of reading the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups here is a small step by step how to subscribe, read and post questions to the various news groups at Ariel Dynamics with OutLook Express.

How to add the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups as an account in you OutLook Express

  1. Start the OutLook Express
  2. Click Accounts in the Tools menu option
  3. A window with the various mail accounts appear on the screen.
  4. Click the Add button in the top right corner, and from the new menu click the News.
  5. Now a Wizard will take you though the creation of an News account.
  6. The first step in the wizard is to type you name. This is the name that will appear in the mail postings of the news group. Click Next when ready.
  7. The next step is to type your email address. This is used so that people can post answers directly to you or just in general who posted the message. Click Next when ready.
  8. Next you will be required to type the News server. Type /. Make sure that the "My News server requires me to log on" option is unchecked.
  9. Next step is to give the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups a friendly name. Type Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups in this way you will be able to recognize the news account directly in you mail OutLook Express. Click Next when ready.
  10. Next step is to select the Connection type, i.e. how the OutLook Express should get the information from the server. Users with an modem connection to the internet most used the "Connect using my phone line", and those of you with a LAN (direct connection to the internet) use the Connect using my Local Area Network (LAN).
  11. You now finished the creation of the News account. Click Finish.
  12. Click Close on the OutLook Express Account setup window.
  13. In order to read the various postings from the News groups please follow the explanation in the Subscribing to various news groups in the list.

Subscribing to various news groups in the list

After having created the News server account in the Outlook express you will be automatically asked to retrieve the News group list from the server. Select OK and the list of news groups will be downloaded to your computer.

If you all ready have subscribed to the list you can click with the right mouse button on the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups server icon and select the Newsgroups... option from the menu which will open the Newsgroups properties. Click the Reset List on the right side of the window. This will download the most current list of list groups available from the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups server. Subscribe and unsubscribe to the groups of your interest or lost interest.

When the list is downloaded from the server you subscribe to a news group just by double clicking the icon for the news group. Double clicking on a subscripted news group will unsubscribe from the group.

Click the OK button in the Newsgroups property window to return to the main window of the OutLook Express.

Reading the posted messages

After subscribing to various groups in the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups you can view the list of groups by clicking the plus sign on left side of the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups server icon. This expands the newsgroup list downward. Clicking a news group the posted messages will be shown in the top left window. To read a posted message just click the message and the message will be downloaded from the server to your computer and displayed in the top left window.

Posting a message to a news group

Posting a message to group is as easy as posting an email to a friend.

  1. Click the PLUS sign on the Ariel Dynamics NewsGroups icon located in the left window of you OutLook Express.
  2. Click the news group where you want to post a message.
  3. Click the Compose Message button in the speedbar just below the menu.
  4. The next steps in finishing the posting is as simple as sending and email. Remember to type a subject in order for others to recognize you subject of interest.
  5. Click the Send when finished the question/answer

Replying to a posted question on a news group

The OutLook express is a nice featured program, and the various ways of reading, posting and subscribing to news groups is just one way of doing it. In order to gain full power of the program you are encouraged to read a manual and discover the various possibilities of the program.
This small introduction is no intention of promoting the product but only intended as a small help for the majority of users that uses the Internet Explorer product. Most Newsreader programs will be able to get the same level of functionality using the server.




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