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Gideon Ariel introduced these "FIRSTS" TO THE WORLD


Ariel was the first .......

  • Ariel was the first company to create a biomechanical system for scientific, educational, and commercial applications.  (1968)
  • Ariel Invent and build the first "Air Shoe" (1971)
  • Ariel testing with Howard Head the first large face tennis racket. (1974)
  • Ariel build one of the first Personal Computer to be utilized in analyzing sports performance. The project was funded by the Secretary of Finance, William Simon and the CIA director William Casey and Dr. Irvin Dardik. (1976)
  • Ariel introduced the first electronic digitizer (sonic) for use with 16mm film tracings. (1970)
  • Ariel was the first to connect a force platform to a computer AND to write the software to control it. (1972)
  • Ariel invent and develope the first "Variable Resistance Exercise" Equipment. (1972)
  • Ariel provided the first hardware-software controlled interface for other input signals such as EMG integrated with the movement analysis system. (1972)
  • Ariel supply to Kistler Force Plate producer the first direct interface to the computer and A/D converter on Data General Mini Computer. (1973)
  • Ariel suggested and established the first United State Olympic Training Center at Colorado Spring. Gideon Ariel, was appointed as the founding Chairman of Biomechanics. (1976)
  • Ariel establish the first organized Olympic Training Analysis in the United States at the Olympic Training Center at Colorado Spring. The APAS system is used at the Olympic Training Center. (1976)
  • Ariel was the first to grab video images and store them on the hard disk for subsequent processing. (1980)
  • Ariel provided the first computerized video digitizing using the computer's display monitor as the tracing medium. (1980)
  • Ariel was the first to invent the Variable Resistance exercise equipment. (1969) (Universal Gym Equipment, Patent by Ariel)
  • Ariel was the first to invent the Computerized Exercise Machines. (1972)
  • Ariel was the first to connect the motion analysis system with the Ariel Computerized Exercise System (CES). (1972)
  • Ariel was the first biomechanic company to conduct research in Space with NASA
  • Ariel was the first Biomechanical company to have a Web Site available on the Internet. (1991)
  • Ariel introduced the first "On-line" digitizing system on the Internet. (NetDigi) (1993)
  • Ariel introduced the first "Air Shoe" (Way, way, before Nike) (1970)
  • Ariel introduced the first "downloaded" full Biomechanical System from the Web to your own computer. (1997)
  • Ariel introduced the first Biomchanical System to capture digital video from the camcorder cameras directly to the hard disk and allow high speed digitizing.
  • Ariel was the first Biomechanical Company to introduce interface to Digital Video (DV) technology in streaming video directly from digital cameras to hard disk with real time 3D analysis at 240 Hz. (1999)
  • Ariel establish the "Net Society of Biomechanics" - NSB to allow biomechanists and others to share data on line and exchange data in real time. (1999)
  • Ariel introduce the first affordable high speed camera at 240 Hz to be used with direct capturing to hard disk and up to one hour of continuous recording. (2000)
  • The first Virtual Biomechanical desk top World Wide, (2000)
  • Full Biomechanical Analysis on Wireless Cellular Phone, August, 2000.
  • SwingWatch Inc. The first Wireless Biomechanic Company. See article (In Hebrew)







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