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The Wireless APAS and on Hand Held Computers

  Imagine a Golfer standing on the green and swing his golf club. A video camera taking video of this swing. The video is capture directly to the hard disk in real time. Then a compressed sequence is transmitted automatically through a wireless modem to the local server. From the local server the sequence is digitized by any location in the World through the Internet. The velocity of the Golf Club is determine in few minutes and the results are transmitted back to the server. The server automatically call the cellular web phone which the Golfer carry. He pick the phone click the web bottom and the velocity of the club head as well as other kinematics parameters are shown on the small color screen on his phone.

  The golfer want to retrieve a particular video frame where impact occurred.  He click the frame number and the video frame is transmitted from the server superimposed on the particular stick figure.

The following were all used the  HP Jornada 548, but it can be used on all PDAs

Automatic Digitizing on the PDA here

Get results and suggestions here

Look here to see results 

Video and results Integrated on the PDA

Video and Graphics Integrated on the PDA

Video, Graphics and Stick Figures Integrated on the PDA

  Welcome to the wireless APAS !!! Check the following links:

  You must install the JAVA system first.  JAVA is the modern computer language of the Web and any application which require interactive real time, needs to have JAVA installed.  You can install the Java free of charge from:





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