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Welcome to
The Ariel System

  ...  The most technologically advanced athletic training program available. FAST-TWITCH develops an athlete's speed, quickness, explosiveness, power, endurance and strength to its maximum potential. Use of the Ariel computerized exercise equipment (CES) lets you to train the fast-twitch nerve fiber and workout at the same high speeds which you perform in your sport. With the APAS computer analysis, your athletic performance is analyzed while also identifying flaws in your motion not seen with the naked eye. This technology, once the secret of champions, is now made available to athletes at all levels by the Ariel Computerized Exercise Equpment.


"Because of the FAST-TWITCH workouts, I was able to increase my vertical leap by 6" and earn a full college scholarship."

Chris St. Clair
California State University, Fullerton

And what's more, significant gains can be obtained by every athlete who dedicates him/herself to the program, regardless of their genetic makeup.

  • Coaches , you can now prescribe training to enhance specific skills that will allow a dedicated athlete or team with great potential the extra edge to become first-rate champions!
  • Parents , you now have the ability to give your athlete the training that will give him/her that ability needed to stand out in the crowd to ear that college scholarship!

How Does The Ariel CES Work?

Iso-Kinetic training has been around for over twenty years. In the past, it was primarily used to successfully enhance the performance of rehabilitation patients and professional athletes. Recent advance in personal computers has made this training more available to professional training specialists. This computerized equipment applies variable resistance that is adjusted 16,000 times per second. This enables the athlete to work through the full range of motion at speeds as high as 600 degrees per second with maximum weight and no load on the joints ; thus reducing the possibility of injury and soreness commonly associated with lifting free weights or traditional exercise equipment.


"Because of Dr. Ariel  and his staff, I now run the 40 yard dash in 4.45 seconds at 6'6" tall and 260 lbs. This is an improvement of .15 of a second in just eight weeks."

Willie McGinest
Former USC Trojan Line Baker and 4th Overall Pick in the 1994 NFL Draft.

Furthermore, the computer read-out allows the trainer to monitor your training performance while you exercise, giving you the ability to adjust your force and velocity with every repetition for maximum benefit.

Many have tried to apply this technology to a variety of sports, but few have had the results experienced by Dr. Ariel

"Now that we've learned how to apply computer-driven training, we can dynamically impact every sport. Athletes that train on our system will shatter world records in every sport in just a few short years."

Dr. Ariel has tailored each workout to be sports and position specific. The Iso-Kinetic equipment allows the athlete to emulate the motion used when performing the actual sport. This full-range of motion has never been achieved with any other system.


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