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Professional Profile
picture Articles about Gideon Ariel
picture Personal History
Read about Gideon Ariel's fascinating and multi-faceted career dedicated to helpful innovations in science, sports and the biomedical fields.
picture Professional Summary
Current positions in various corporations and universities around the country.
picture Education
Dr. Ariel's background and many fields of specialty.
picture Consulting Activities
Dr. Ariel has served as a consultant to many educational institutions and business organizations around the country.
picture Honorary and Professional Associations
Membership in honorary and professional societies.
picture Publications
Dr. Ariel has authored many articles and academic papers in professional and scholarly publications around the country.
picture Lectures and Presentations
Dr. Ariel has, on many ocassions, delivered lectures and keynote speeches to several meetings and conventions of scientific and academic societies. Here is a partial list.
picture Address to the International Olympic Commitee Atlanta, Georgia; September 16th, 1995.
Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen ... I would like to thank the IOC for giving me this opportunity to present at the 3rd World Congress on Sports Sciences ..
picture Biomechanics in Cyberspace July, 1995
Presented at the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB), Jyvaskyla, Finland, July, 1995.
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Features and Appearances
picture Articles about Gideon Ariel
picture Feature Articles
Dr. Ariel has been featured in various popular and scientific magazine articles.
picture Television Appearances
Dr. Ariel has been interviewed in many talk shows and news broadcasts for his many innovations and in particular, for his continuing participation in the Olympic Games.



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