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About Us
picture Company History
Read about how the formation of Ariel Dynamics came about and the many contributions it has since then made to science and sports.
picture Ariel Dynamics Conference List
This document lists all conferences where you can find ADI personnel and our products. Released January 1997.
picture Patents and Inventions
Get acquainted with the many innovative products and useful concepts from Ariel Dynamics.
picture Our Clients
A list of business, civic, government and educational institutions and organizations that use the Ariel product line.
Notable Projects
picture NASA:  National Aeronautics and Space Administration
What is a Resistive Exercise Dynamometer?  Read on, and learn how Ariel Dynamics participates and contributes to America's space program.
picture Fast Twitch
The most technologically advanced physical fitness training system available ... thanks to ACES -- The Ariel Computerized Exercise System.
picture Gait Analysis
Are you a fan of Olympic equestrian events?  Click on this link and learn about the biomechanics of equine speed and grace.
picture Kinematic Consultants of New Jersey
Case studies in Musculo-Skeletal injuries.



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