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APAS on WinNT platform


The complexity of the WinNT platform can be a challenging task just to operate. Using the APAS system on a this platform also provides some additional workarounds that needs to be considered. This web page is updated frequently to support the users of the APAS system on the Windows NT platform.

Install - Starting the License manager

When installing the basic APAS system there is some missing WinNT system files which has to be added after the normal installation. Follow the simple few steps to extract the files from the APAS system directory:

  1. Locate the setupex.exe file in the APAS system directory (C:\Program Files\Ariel Dynamics\apas)

  2. Run the file called setupex.exe from the APAS directory. It is important to execute the setupex.exe from the APAS system directory.

  3. The program installs some missing files to the NT system.

  4. Reboot the system and the APASlight is ready to go.

Capturing video under the WinNT platform

Currently the Iomega Jaz Buz does not support video capturing under the WinNT platform. If capturing video using the RealCap or the Capture module is to be possible a different capture hardware has to be purchased. There is many manufactures of video capture hardware, but we have only tested a few of the latest models.
We recommend that the miroVIDEO DC30plus is to be used. The miroVIDEO DC30plus is a video capture hardware that works under both Win95/98 and the WinNT. It is currently priced at about 3 times the Iomega Jaz Buz. Please specify this option on your purchase of the APAS system.

Currently known problems with the APAS system modules under WinNT

Using previous captured video files:
The old APAS system used the Intel Video Recorder to capture the video onto the computer harddrive. For this purpose the APAS system needed some special video drivers which is supplied with the Intel Capture card. Using an older installation of the WinNT platform the Indeo Video drivers is not included. The solution to this problem is to download the Intel Indeo drivers and install them on the WinNT system. Remember that these drivers is not required under Win95 or Win98 platform.

Intel Indeo Video drivers for the NT platform.


When you do not follow the instructions you will run into the following trouble:

From: "John Gunnar Person" <>
To: "Gideon Ariel" <>
Subject: APAS download
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 11:46:03 -0800

Hello Dr. Ariel,

I have downloaded the trial version of APAS Light from your web page some
days ago, but have been unsuccessful in getting the files to open. I
continue to get an error message saying I need the file 'ckserve' - which
does not exist anywhere on my computer at the moment. I tried to reinstall
the programs several times, and talked to our local WinNT network
administrator about it, but he could not determine the cause of the problem.

I thought that the 'ckserve' file might be activated when you receive the
system parameter from me. Perhaps the system parameter I sent in an earlier
email did not make it to you. To be sure, that code is: 8564006008BDCDB0.

I would appreciate any help you can offer with the problem I have had
starting the APAS on my system.

John Person

Neuromotor Control Laboratory
University of British Columbia
CICSR Building, Room 049
2366 Main Mall,
Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada V6T 1Z1
Phone: (604) 822 8785


And this how you will get out of the trouble:

He needs to start the license manager. His problem is that he is running the
system on an NT where the crykey is running in what is called a license
manager. A small services in NT that make the crypkey protection work. If
this program is not running the APAS can not be executed.

Tell him that he needs to execute the file called setupex.exe from the apas
system directory (normally c:\Program Files\Ariel Dynamics\apas) as
described in the download area.
After executing this file the license manager will be running. He dont need
to run this file any more, only once. The next time he starts the computer
the license manager is automatically started up again.


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