Purchasing Options for the APAS System

Hi Collin
Obviously, the prices do not pertain to you guys.  Gideon and I will do everything we can to get this project going at minimum price.
For sure you will need:
1. Computer 4-5 pcm slots for frame grabbing and  Analog to Digital converter, plus monitor.
2. Three digital cameras (just bought some for $400 apiece), lights ($200 apiece) and tripods (go cheap)
3. Three firewire cards and firewires (couple of hundred bucks)
4. From Gideon- Analog board with input board for EMG and Force Data (normally $10,000 but will discuss)
5. Rather than going with a force plate initially, we will go with a Strain Gauge for testing the work forces ($800-1000 range)
6. APAS XP system (normally $15,000 but will discuss)
7. Kinematic Consultants software (normally $5000 but will discuss)
8. Accessories (calibration cube, reflective markers, etc.) (around $500)
9. A good, fast color printer ($300 for low end dto $1000 for Minolta color Laser, depending upon volume)
10. A fast internet transmission line, DLT, Cable, etc. ($50/ mo.)
We can add the force plate later at around $10,000 I believe.  It would be particularly useful if she is going to be located in the P.T.'s office since it can be used for a variety of P.T. evaluations and applications.
I will discuss the software issues with Gideon and see what we can do to help get this going. 
I will be with Gideon in California, mid September.  Hopefully, we can get this project off the ground at that time.  If it looks like a go, and you guys can put together the basic equipment with Gideon by that time, I will plan on extra time for training in Arizona with Cindy and JB.  It is interesting that you wrote today.  I was thinking of Cindy and JB this morning and was planning on writing to her.
Will get back to you.
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From: Collin Hatch
To: Bob Wainwright
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 10:26 AM
Subject: Fw: Arizona Business Setup

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From: Collin Hatch
To: Bob Wainwright
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 4:47 PM
Subject: Arizona Business Setup

Hi Bob,
I'm trying to help Cindy & JB Turlington set up the Kinematics business in Arizona. Due to our limited budget for equipment and looking over all the features on your $50,000 and $75,000 systems, I would like to setup a listing of equipment needs along with the priority of when to purchase the item.
To start the business I see we need the Computer, 5 cameras & accessories, etc. After that should we get a force plate or surface EMG?
Will you please prepare a listing, in priority order, of the equipment we will need.
Thanks for your help,
Collin L. Hatch


Hello Graham,

Thank you for your message. There are many options for purchasing the Ariel

Performance Analysis System (APAS). These range from software only up to

full hardware and software systems. I have attached the APAS price list

that shows the most commonly purchased configurations. I have also included

a description of each of the APAS software modules.

You are encouraged to download the APAS for a no-obligation 30-day trial.

This will allow you to evaluate the software and how well it meets your

requirements. Download instructions can be found on the Ariel internet

site. The direct link is:


Please review the information and feel free to contact me for any additional

APAS Software Modules



The Ariel Performance Analysis System (APAS) consists of software modules designed to perform quantitative analysis direct from video.  All APAS software systems support both two-dimensional and three-dimensional analysis.  The Basic APAS software package includes the following software modules.

       CAPTURE and REALCAP These are older software modules designed to capture video from analog video sources (VHS, *mm, Hi-8 etc) into Microsoft AVI compatible format for use with the APAS. 


       DIGITIZE This software module is used to create the project for analysis by digitizing the calibration points as well as the data points that make up the sequence.  Up to 6 camera views can be displayed and digitized simultaneously.  Support for automatic digitizing and panning cameras is included within this module.


       TRANSFORM This software module utilizes the Direct Linear Transformation (DLT) algorithm to convert the digitized information to spatial coordinates.  One camera will result in a 2D analysis, while two or more cameras are used for 3D analysis.


       FILTER This software module is used to remove random digitizing errors.  Several smoothing algorithms are available with independent control over the smoothing on the X, Y and/or Z coordinate axes.  Options are also included for impact points.


       DISPLAY and APASVIEW Either of these software modules can be used to display the results of the analysis.  Multiple windows can be opened to display the video file, stick figure data, graphs and worksheet data.  The activity can be animated using the VCR-like buttons in the toolbar with all windows automatically synchronized.  Options also exist for exporting the data to worksheet format for any custom analysis.


       APAS2TEXT This software module is used to export the X, Y, and Z data for each point to an ASCII format worksheet.  The user can select Raw Position, Displacement, Velocity or Acceleration measures to be displayed.  This module is often used to export the movement data so it can be imported to other programs.


       DELTA - This software module uses the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) standards for determining the joint torques while lifting a specified weight.  Since the motion is calculated from an actual movement, inertial effects and the frequency of lifting are also considered in the calculations.





The APAS-XP (extra Performance) is a software option that can be added to enhance the capabilities of the Basic APAS.  The APAS-XP software includes the following software modules.


       CAPDV This software module supports simultaneous real-time video capture direct to the computer hard disk from up to five digital video (DV) cameras.  Multiple camera views can be automatically synchronized and trimmed using an event recorded on the audio channel.  For example, clapping hands, or the impact of a ball.


       3D RENDERER This software module is used to superimpose cylinders and/or human skeleton on the stick figure generated by the Basic APAS software.  Sequences can be animated, rotated and/or translated for viewing while in motion.  Multiple sequences can be compared for examining differences in a motion.  Color coded traces of relative velocity can also be added to user specified points.


       APAS GAIT This software module supports the industry standard marker sets (Helen Hayes, Keith Vaughn etc.) for lower body human gait analysis.  This analysis usually requires five cameras and also supports analog input from force platforms to determine ground reaction forces.


       3D AUTOTRAK This software module provides enhanced algorithms for use with multiple cameras using the automatic digitizing option.  For example, if a marker is blocked in one view, the software will use two or more known views of that marker to perform a real-time transformation to calculate and digitize the location of the marker in the missing view.  This helps speed the time required for analysis.





The Ariel Analog module is required for sampling analog data (force platform, EMG etc).  This module includes hardware and software.


APAS Distributor Price List

August 1, 2002


Item Description:                                              Price: $USD


1.  APAS-Basic 2002 (Software Only)                           $ 5,000.00


Software Modules Included:

(All software are NTSC/PAL, Windows-95/98/2000; NT compatible)

CAPTURE  Module Captures Analog Video to AVI format files for Digitizing

Real Time Capture Real time capturing from any video source

DIGITIZE Module Simultaneous Digitizing Up To 4 Screens. 2D & 3D included

TRANSFORM Module Transforms digitized coordinates utilizing DLT or PPT algorithms

FILTER Module removes random digitizing errors

DISPLAY Module Synchronizes Video, Analog, Stick Figure, Graphs, For Display and Printing

PANORAMA - Panning Camera Option Software support for Panning Cameras

DELTA Software Module Kinetic Lift Analysis

Kinetics Kinetic module for joints forces and moments

VECTORS Module 3-D Force Plate Vectors Superimposed On Video

EMG-Normalization EMG Normalization and Analysis
         (Software Drivers For Digital Camera Not Included)



2.  APAS-XP 2002  (Software Only)                           $ 10,000.00


Software Modules Included:

(All software are NTSC/PAL, Windows-95/98/2000; NT compatible)

CAPDV  Module Simlutaneously Captures Digital Video in AVI format direct to hard disk,

Real Time Capture for up to 5 cameras.

DIGITIZE Module Simultaneous Digitizing Up To 4 Screens

TRANSFORM Module Transforms digitized coordinates utilizing DLT or PPT algorithms

FILTER Module removes random digitizing errors

DISPLAY Module Synchronizes Video, Analog, Stick Figure, Graphs, For Display and Printing

PANORAMA - Panning Camera Option Software support for Panning Cameras

DELTA Software Module Kinetic Lift Analysis

Kinetics Kinetic module for joints forces and moments

VECTORS Module 3-D Force Plate Vectors Superimposed On Video

EMG-Normalization EMG Normalization and Analysis
         (Software Drivers For Digital Camera Not Included)




3.  APAS-Basic 2002 (Computer & Software)                       $10,000.00


          Standard with every APAS-2002 Configuration:

          All Basic Software (Listed In Item 1 Above)

          Pentium/AMD Computer (Minimum 1 Ghz)

          60 GB Hard Disk  ((larger capacity available as an option)

          128 Meg. RAM Memory  (Up to 512 MB available - optional)

          3.5 Inch Diskette Drive (1.4 Meg.)

          Single Digital Video Compatible Frame Grabber & Software


          Keyboard & Mouse

          (Monitor & DV Software Is Not Included)




4.  APAS-XP 2002  (Computer & Software Only)               $ 15,000.00


          Standard with every APAS-XP 2002 Configuration:

          All Basic Software (Listed In Item 2 Above)

          Pentium/AMD Computer (Minimum 1 Ghz)

          60 GB Hard Disk  (larger capacity available as an option)

          128 Meg. RAM Memory  (Up to 512 MB available - optional)

          3.5 Inch Diskette Drive (1.4 Meg.)

          Single Digital Video Compatible Frame Grabber & Software


          Keyboard & Mouse

           Two IEEE 1394 DV Capture Cards

          (Monitor & DV Software Is Not Included)




5.  APAS-2002/240 (Computer, Software & 2 DV Cameras)       $24,500.00


          Standard with every APAS-2002/240 APAS Configuration:

          All Basic Software (Listed In Item 1 Above)

          All Computer Hardware (Listed In Item 2 Above)

          Two Digital Camcorders (60 Hz NTSC)

          Ariel Software Drivers For Digital Camcorders

          (Monitor Is Not Included)
           (High Speed Cameras Also Available As Options)





APAS 3D-Renderer                                       $   495.00

APAS-Gait (Kinematics Only)                           $   895.00
       APAS-Gait (Kinematics Only) + APAS 3D Renderer         $  1,995.00
       CAPDV (Simultaneous Video Capture To Hard Disk)        $ 1,500.00
             -Requires Capture Card For Every Camera (Listed Below)

Digital Video Software Drivers                          $  5,000.00





Upgrade RAM Memory                                     Contact Ariel

High Resolution 17-inch Color Monitor                         $   350.00

High Resolution 19-inch Color Monitor                         $   500.00

Multi-Media Compatible Analog Frame Grabber                  $   525.00

CD-Rewrite                                                 $   425.00

2G Jaz Drive w/ APAS Backup Software                        $   650.00

Zip Drive w/ APAS Backup Software                        $   375.00

Sound Board With Speakers                                    $   250.00

Tripod                                                  $   275.00

Industrial Camera Light (250 Watts)                            $   350.00

Reflective Ball Markers (30 Markers)                        $   300.00

1000 Double-Sided Stickers for Markers                         $   150.00

VRG - Video Report Generation Package                         $ 8,500.00

           Includes: SVHS-VCR, Converter Unit, Monitor, and Microphone

JVC 240 Hz High Speed DV Camera w/Ariel Software            $ 7,500.00

Digital Video Capture Card                                 $   450.00

Digital Video Cable, 10 meter length                          $   125.00

MINI-DV Cassette Tape                                 $    20.00

APAS Computer Cart                                      $   750.00

High Precision Calibration Cube                           $ 1,500.00

HP-Color Printer with cable and software driver             $   500.00




ARIEL Analog - 16 A/D Channels (Hardware & Software)            $ 9,000.00

AMTI Force Plate With Ariel Software Drivers and Interface       $15,950.00

EMG Pre-Amplified Electrode w/APAS Interface                   $   750.00




Note-Book APAS Work Station (Software and Hardware)         $12,500.00

Note-Book APAS w/DV Frame Grabber & 2 Cameras            $28,750.00

Analog Interface to the Note-Book (16 Channels A/D)        $10,500.00



Notes:   Shipping Charges Are Not Included In Prices

         Prices Subject To Change Without Notice





John Probe

Ariel Dynamics, Inc.

4885 Ronson Court, Suite A

San Diego, CA 92111

Tel: (858) 874-2547

Fax: (858) 874-2549

Email: ARIEL1@ix.netcom.com

Internet: /

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From: "Graham Fletcher" <fletcheg@ucfv.bc.ca>

To: <ariel1@ix.netcom.com>

Sent: Monday, May 12, 2003 2:41 PM

Subject: pricing


> To whom it may concern,


> Please may I have the up to date prcie for the 3-D video system software

that would linkwith two normal digital video cameras please.


> Thank you.


> Graham Fletcher


Thank you for your inquiry concerning the Ariel prices.  You can access the
Ariel prices on the Ariel internet site.  The direct address is:


In general, the USA prices are as follows.

1.  Basic Ariel Performance Analysis System (APAS) software only.
Includes 2D and 3D software for automatic digitizing and panning cameras
Price:  $5,000.00

2.  Basic APAS
Includes: 500 MHz computer, 10 GB hard drive, 64 MB RAM, Multi-media and
DV frame grabbers, CD-ROM and all software in option 1 above.
Price:  $10,000.00

3. APAS-240
Includes everything in option 1 and 2 along with two digital camcorders
capable of 60/120 and 240 Hz video analysis.
Price:  $24,500.00

4.  Also, with the purchase of any of the above systems, you can purchase
additional systems (software only) for $1,500 per computer.  This software
can be installed on your existing computers and used to analyze any data
collected with the "master" system.  This is a very useful feature,
especially in the University environment.

There are many other options that can be added to these systems as you can
see on the price list.

As you will find out, the Ariel systems provide many more capabilities and
at a fraction of the cost of any other available systems.  Please refer to
a 3rd party independent study comparing commercially available systems.
This is also published on our internet site at:


Please contact us for any additional information.


Ariel Dynamics, Inc.
Email:  ARIEL1@ix.netcom.com

Thank you for your message.  I will provide answers (in Bold Italics) below each of your questions.
Please review the information and feel free to contact us for any additional questions.
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From: "itgegypt" <itgegypt@thewayout.net>
To: <ariel1@ix.netcom.com>
Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 6:58 AM
Subject: Your Quotation

> Dear Sir,
> Thank you for your kind reply.
> I have the following comments on your quotation:
> There is a much higher prices in some items regarding the price list on
> your website, e.g. Tripod, APAS cart & Industrial Light.?? Pls comment ?
ADI:  The prices in your quote are the most recent prices.  Also, the prices on the web site are for USA Domestic Sales Only!  This is stated at the bottom of the price list.

> I think that you will mention a special distributor discount.!!?
ADI:  We work very hard to provide the best technology at the lowest price possible to the customers.  There is very little margin to be able to provide any discounts.  We recommend that you provide "added value services" that will allow you to mark up the prices to your customers.  For example, you could provide Installation, Service, Training options etc.

> Also, I did not understand APAS workstation license = 7500$, I need only
> to install the S/W on one PC,
ADI:  As stated in the e-mail message, we added several items that you may not require.  The APAS Workstation license allows the user to install the APAS software on existing computers.  These systems are capable of the full analysis options but do not support data collection.  As an example, the data could be collected on the "main" APAS system and then transfer the files to the "workstation" system for analysis.  This makes the "main" APAS system available for additional data collection and does not require the user to wait until the system is free again.  This option is also useful in the teaching environment as it allows more students to obtain "hands-on" experience than a single system.  If you do not require this option, simply remove it from the quote.
and then what is the 11500 $ means? For Basic system?
ADI:  This is the base price for the Basic APAS system and includes the computer, keyboard, mouse and the Basic APAS software.  This software supports 2D/3D analysis as well as automatic digitizing capabilities.

> Do we will need a Time/code reader/writer or not ? and how we can
> capture the data from the two camera at the same time to have 3D
> Analysis ?
ADI:  The Time/Code read/Write was an option used on older VHS/SVHS APAS systems.  We are currently using Digital Video (DV) technology where the Time/Code option is no longer required.  There are two methods to capture multiple videos to the computer for analysis.  The first option is included with the Basic APAS and uses 3rd party DV capture software.  Images are recorded to tape using the battery operated camcorders.  The tapes are taken back to the lab where the APAS computer is located.  The 3rd party capture software is used to capture the video (one at a time) to the hard disk drive of the computer.  The APAS TRIM module can then be used to Synchronize and TRIM the multiple video files for the analysis.  This option is usually desired when working outside the lab because the computer is not required for the video capture.
The second option for capturing multiple video streams requires the optional APAS-XP software package.  Included in this package is the CAPDV software module that supports video capture direct to the hard disk drive from up to 5 DV cameras.  Multiple videos can be synchronized and trimmed using the audio channel.  This option is much quicker, however, it requires that each camera be connected to the computer using a separate DV capture card.  For example, if you plan to use 3 cameras, you would require 3 DV capture cards and cables to connect to the cameras.

> Do we can split the S/W screen ? If yes how many Frame can be displayed
> at the same time ?
ADI:  I am not exactly clear on your question.  When multiple video images are captured, you can display up to 6 camera views in the DIGITIZE module and all images can be digitized simultaneously.

> Do the Drivers for JVC Camcorder included?
ADI:  Yes, if you purchase the JVC high-speed cameras, the drivers are included.  These cameras have been discontinued and are in limited supply.  To our knowledge, JVC has not produced a replacement camera with the "high-speed" option included.

> APAS XP, is it an option s/w for gait analysis and can be added later ?
ADI:  Yes, the APAS-XP (stands for APAS eXtra Performance) is an option that can be added at a later time.  I have attached a document that explains the various software modules.

> Our customer asking for 2 years warranty, also, they need one technician
> to train them for three days.
ADI:  We normally transfer the manufacturer's warranty to the customer.  The computer hardware is warranted for a period of 1 year parts and labor.  Transportation charges are the responsibility of the customer.  Warranties can be extended at a cost of 10% of the purchase price per year.
Most APAS users learn the APAS without any formal training. Training can be provided as an option.   Training charges are $1,500 per day (plus expenses).  The expenses include airfare, travel, food, loging etc.  Training usually takes 2 or 3 days.  There are several "free" options provided to "learn" the APAS software.
1.  The APAS manuals are located on the Ariel internet site (/) and can be downloaded and viewed by the customer.  The direct address to the manuals is:
   Download Manuals
   View Manuals Online
2.  There is also an "on-line" tutorial provided on the internet.  The direct address is:
3.  The APAS software modules also include standard pull-down help files that provide step-by-step instructions for the basic operations.
> Thank you and waiting for your reply
> Best regards
> Ahmed El-Diasty
> ITG Egypt




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