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APAS Prices
Effective August 1, 2001

Check the Purchasing Options here

APAS System complete: APAS_PRICE

If you want to purchase hardware with the software, read the following:

Software Included:

(All software are Windows-95/98, ME, 2000, NT compatible)

Capture      Software Module Create AVI format files for Digitizing
Real Time Capture Real time capturing from any video source
DIGI-4 Software Module Simultaneous Digitizing Up To 4 Screens
Display Synchronizes Video, Analog, Stick Figure, Graphs, For Simultaneous Display and Printing
PANORAMA - Panning Camera Option Software support for Panning Cameras
Transformation Software Module Transformation program utilizing DLT or PPT algorithms
DELTA Software Module Kinetic Lift Analysis
ANTHROPOMETRIC Software Module Segmental Parameters From Various Authors
APASVIEW Software Module Synchronizes Video, Analog, Stick Figure, Graphs, For Simultaneous Display
Kinetics Kinetic module for joints forces and moments
ARIEL VECTORS Module 3-D Force Plate Vectors Superimposed On Video
EMG-Normalization EMG Normalization and Analysis

Cost of Basic APAS Software (without the hardware) is $5000. If you buy your own hardware you need only software and you save also Shipping and Taxes !


Hardware Options in Addition or Replacement To The
 Standard Configuration:

Item Description:

Price: $

Upgrade To 128 Meg Ram $150.00
High Resolution Color Monitor 17" $450.00
CD-Read/Write $450.00
1G Jaz Drive with interface to APAS system $450.00
Zip Drive with full APAS Work Station software $250.00
S-VHS VCR, 60 Hz, Field Advance    (NTSC/PAL)  (Requires Time Code Option Listed Below For Computer Control Of VCR)


Time Code Read/Write. Time code includes software to interface with the APAS System


VHS Video Camcorder (Variable  Shutter,60 Hz, Industrial Model) $1,500.00
S-VHS Video Camcorders (up to 1/8000 Sec. Shutter, 60 Hz, Industrial Model)           

$3,750.00 (NTSC)
$3,750.00  (PAL)

Ariel Software Drivers For JVC Camcorder


Tripod $250.00
Industrial Camera Light (250 Watts) $300.00
Reflective Ball Markers (30 Markers) $300.00
1000 Double-Sided Stickers for Markers  $150.00
VRG - Video Report Generation Package           
(SVHS-VCR, Converter Unit, Monitor, Microphone)
$7,500.00 (NTSC/PAL)


JVC 240 hz high speed camera - Digital Color $7,500.00

Analog Options

ARIEL Interface Software to Force Plate and EMG $1,500.00
(Software + Hardware)
AMTI Force Plate With Ariel Software,
Drivers and Cables Interface
EMG Pre-Amplified Electrode w/APAS Interface $750.00

Miscellaneous Options

APAS Computer Cart $750.00
High Precision Calibration Cube $1,500.00
HP-Color Printer with cable and software driver $500.00

Note-Book Option

Note-Book APAS  Work Station (Software and Hardware)   $12,500.00
Analog Interface to the Note-Book     (16 Channels A/D for EMG and Plate 330 khz) $9,500.00

Listed Prices Are For USA Domestic Sales
International Prices Vary By Location
Prices And Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice.

Imagine, you can purchase one complete 2D/3D APAS system with the standard software and hardware
for $10,000.

In addition, we will install the APAS on any number of computers in your laboratory for $1,500 per computer. For example, If you provide, 4 (four) workstations in order to analyze and process the data on separate computers. (We supply the Master computer and you supply the 4 Work Stations computers.)

If you purchase one APAS System and we install 4 APAS workstations in your facility, for $1,500 each, you are paying less than $3500.00 for each APAS system.

No other company in the world could do that for you.

For selected references, check with the following customers who installed multiple APAS systems in their facility:

  • Jim Richards, The University of Salford, UK, Internet:
  • Edward Lemaire, Institute For Rehabilitation Research and Development, Ontario, Internet:
  • Dr. Robert Wainwright, Kinematic Consultants Inc. Compuserve 73541,1577
  • Dr. Erik B. Simonsen, Panum Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark Internet:
  • Dr. Doris Miller, Univ. Of Western Ontario, London Ontario
  • Dr. Jozsef Tihanyi, Hungarian University of Physical Education,
  • Dr. Lars Oddsson, Boston University, Internet: Research Assistant Professor, NeuroMuscular Research Center, homepage: Boston University, 44 Cummington Street, Boston MA 02215, (617) 353-9633 or 353-9757, FAX 353-5737.
  • The Master system and the Workstations can link together in a Local Area Network (LAN), so you can share video and data files between computers in different locations !!!

All that for $10,000 plus workstations!!!!!!

If you need more information concerning the purchase of a system please fill out the order form and submit it. We will contact you as soon as possible with updated information about prices and special configurations suited to your needs.

Yours sincerely

Gideon Ariel


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