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APAS Software Modules And Online Help Documentation

Video Capturing with the APAS system
The most sophisticated method to date by any system to capture video data.

Display Module
The display package is the old DOS program in a new and improved version. New functions have been added and some removed. The module has been optimized for a faster and smoother look and feel.

Display Module Manual Document
A detailed document for the Display Module on the APAS-2000

RealCap Module
The RealCap module is new in the software package of APAS system. It uses a new an improved technology to provide realtime video capturing with the PC. The software and additional hardware removes the use of expencive VCR equipment using advanced field by field stepping.

The Trimming Module
New module Trim for editing several video sequences simultaneously.

APASview Module
The APASview module is designed for evaluation of biomechanical data using the power of PC multimedia. All powerful features in previous programs have been put together with many new options included. The module offers the possibility of combining all types of data and biomechanical parameters in many different ways. Let it be fun to analyze, not just a job.

Kinetics module
This new module is designed for solving the mathematics of 3D kinematics and kinetics of human lower extremity using inverse dynamics. The power of the APAS system is utilized to make the lab work easy for the user. This program is very useful in 3D Gait analysis.
In developing the module, problems were found using conventional methods for calculating Euler angles. These Euler angles are important in the estimation of 3D angular momentum.

Digitizing module
The digitizing module has been improved with new and faster functionality.

Capture module
The capture module has been updated to improve the user interface and the communication with external VCR.

Filtering module
The filtering program is an old and popular program in the APAS system, but now we have converted the module to the Windows95/98 platform, and new features have been added. The module is more powerful than ever and it makes filtering easy and fun.

Transformation module
The transformation module is the DLT engine of the whole APAS system package. This module has also been converted into the new platform, and new features added giving the user even more power and control over the transformation process in digitizing.

Vector Module
The vector module is a small package where you can superimpose force vectors on video.

Analog Module
The famous Analog program is now converted to the Window95/98 platform.

Creating an APAS Force Plate File
This example illustrates the procedure for creating an analog file for a single Kistler force platform (Model #9286AA) in English units (Length = Inches, Force = Pounds).

EMG Module
View and analyse different aspects of EMG recodings.

Panning has been part of the APAS package for some years. The module has now been modified with better mathematics and also converted to the Windows95 platform.

APAS system for DOS
Here you can find the documentation for the old APAS system based on the old MS-DOS platform.

APAS system file structure
Detailed information about the structure of the APAS system files. Including the kinematic files (.3D) and analog files (.ana).

CES system
Help documentation for the Ariel Computerized Execise System.

APAS License
The APAS system is built around a special license system to protect from unauthorized usage and copying. When moving the APAS system from one computer to another it is required to follow a certain simple procedure. View the License FAQ page in order to manage your APAS system installation correctly.

APAS system and the Windows NT
The Windows NT is a complex system that requires additional files in order to  run the APAS system. View this page in order to make your APAS system perform to the maximum on the Windows NT platform.



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