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Get RealTime capturing system and save money!

For many years, inexpensive video cameras has been available to analyze human motion. Ariel Dynamics, Inc. developed this technology since the initial introduction of video technology. In fact, the technique of digitizing the human's movement for analyzing the performance is all based on the early work of the Ariel Dynamics founder, Gideon Ariel.
The technology used previously was based on a expensive VCR which slows the whole process of capturing video images and storing them on the computer's hard drive. In the search to improvement and accelerate the process, we have developed an easy and inexpensive method of capturing regular video directly onto a computer hard drive. Check here for detail explanation of our video basics utilized in the Caplturing module.  New technologies available for multimedia applications provided the ability to capture a video sequences directly to the hard drive of your computer. Until today, the speed of an off-the-shelf, commercially available, inexpensive video camera was 30/25 frames/sec.   Unfortunately, this slow speed for capturing regular video directly to the harddrive has  been a limiting factor for use in studies of motion. In keeping with it's history of fast, innovative work, Ariel Dynamics has found a solution to overcome this limitation. Using special field splitting algorithms, the bandwidth for capturing regular video directly to the harddrive is improved to 60Hz for NTSC(US) and 50Hz for PAL(European) using the largest size of video image possible (640x480 NTSC and 720x576 PAL).

FAQ about the new APAS system:

How does the new APAS technology affect my work ?

First of all, the time from recording the video motion until the results can be viewed has been markedly reduced. The hardware setup has been simplified as well as the software improved to run under Windows 95. Additional functionality and features have been added.

I was told that most of the APAS system is based on the old DOS system, is that correct ?

No, all software in the APAS system is based on Windows 95.

How does the quality of APAS system compare to other known motion analysis systems ?

The APAS system gives you the same accuracy compared with other systems which cost in excess of  $100,000.00 for a full system. In addition,   the APAS system has  more functionality and features than any other product for any price. Our philosophy at Ariel Dynamics is to keep it simple, accurate, and inexpensive. Therefore, we will give you the same functionality and features at just 1/10 of other companies. Take a look at the software features and functionality.

If other companies charge more than $100,000.00,  how can the APAS system be as good ?

The basic theories used in all motion analysis systems are the same. All the mathematics used to transform digitized video sequences, filter, calculate kinematics and kinetics are all based on the same high level research. The difference between motion analysis systems is due to the interface between the user and the software. To accommodate requests from our customers, we use their knowledge and experience with the system to improve it. We want the user to feel like part of the APAS system development team. We don't create software so that we can feel happy about it. We want you, the end user, to be happy, effective, and productive using it. If you have any suggestions, send an email and we will try to improve the APAS system based on your request.

Does the new technology affect the price of the APAS system ?

No!  To the contrary, it allows prices to decrease.   The use of a very expensive VCR to utilize the bandwidth for existing video technology had previously forced an increase in the price of the APAS system. The new technology and improved software allow a reduction for the full APAS system to 1/3 of the previous price. This means that you can have a full motion analysis system starting from $10,000.00. At this price, a full APAS system is provided, and the price will only vary with special user configurations (high speed video, extra hard disk, and so forth).

If the price is that low, is there anything missing ?

No, in fact, we have improved all the software to running under Windows 95.  This  includes some fantastic new features and functions that makes the APAS system simpler and faster to analyze human motion than previously. The bottom line is that you will be getting even more...and at a lower price. APAS system configuration and pricing.

Is 60/50 Hz video speed the limit of the APAS system ?

No, but for the direct to hard disk video capturing, it will be the limit because of bandwidth of regular video. For those customers who prefer high speed video capturing, we will continue to provide high speed cameras and VCR equipment.

How about the new digital video technology and the APAS system?

We are currently working on the software for utilizing digital video cameras. We know this is the future and, therefore, we will provide the functionality. The direct to hard disk capturing will be ready during mid 1998. Keep checking our web site and we will keep you posted on the progress.

We hope this small FAQ has answered some of your questions.  If you would like more information, please call or drop us an email.



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